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Campus Style – Erika Librizzi

Erika Librizzi

Junior Bio-Psychology Major

What are you wearing?

I’m wearing an olive tank top, jeans from Marshalls, a Nixon watch and Coppertone Keds. The shark tooth necklace I got at an art studio in Puerto Rico, and the little gold leaf was my mom’s.

Where did you find those sneakers?

I got them from the Goodwill store. I have so many new sneakers that I bought for the spring, and I have to break them all in. So thank God it’s nice out now because I literally have 10 new pairs of sneakers sitting in my closet.

Where do you typically shop?

I work at a surf shop at home, so I usually wear a lot of brands like Volcom and Billabong. But I shop at a lot of thrift stores and Marshall-type stores. Sometimes you will go and dig through the racks and they’ll be nothing there, but when you actually find good stuff you’re like, “hell yeah.”

How would you classify your style?

I would classify it as easy and comfortable.

Have you always had the same style?

In high school, I probably tried a little bit harder. But after coming to (the College) and coming into my own more, I just started to wear what I liked and stopped caring what other people thought about it. If I look in the mirror and like what I have on, then I’m good.

You seem to like a lot of color in your wardrobe.

I like a lot of solids in different colors, but at the same time I love crazy prints. Right now, I like to wear a lot of dark, olive or brown things, and then pair them with something crazy like pink shoes.

Would you say that your style reflects your personality?

Yes. I’m very outgoing, and the people who don’t know me probably will not understand what the hell is going on, but once they get a better idea of who I am, my clothing choice might make a little more sense to them.

Are you a creative person?

I would like to think I am. Clothing-wise, I feel like I am creative just because I will take things that people would not normally put together as an outfit and somehow manage to make it all work. When I go to a store, I usually look out for things that are simple, because then I can put my own flair on it and make it my own style.

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