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A note about our Fiocco wrap-up

In this week’s issue, The Signal staff decided to revisit the story of John Fiocco Jr.

While it has been over six years since his disappearance, it remains relevant to our campus today.

Throughout our time at the College, we have heard plenty of guesses about the cause of Fiocco’s untimely death when he was a freshman in 2006.

A common rumor is that Fiocco fell down the garbage chute in Wolfe Hall. Others speculate murder. The fact that he had been drinking has also caused assumptions to arise.

In writing this article, our intention was not to fuel further speculation about Fiocco’s cause of death. Instead, we wanted to provide an overview of the facts we do know and pay tribute to this freshman whose life was taken far too soon.

The disappearance of Fiocco and the subsequent lawsuit have taken up many of our headlines in the past six years. We are aiming to tell the story one more time. (Signal archives)

By poring over old issues of our newspaper and reading through legal documents, we tried our best to include the most necessary information to make the story whole. We don’t have all the answers and it was impossible for the story to encompass every detail that we know — but that’s not the point.

Moving past rumors and legal jargon, Fiocco was a person. He was a 19-year-old graphic design student and it wasn’t until delving deeper into this story and talking to his former floormate that we learned about Fiocco’s personality and interests. Getting caught up in the speculation and litigation, it can be easy to forget that he may not have been much different than ourselves as freshmen.

Fiocco’s story became timely once again when earlier this year the civil lawsuit filed by Fiocco’s family reached a settlement of $425,000. After four years of litigation, the case is finally over.

Now with some sense of conclusion, we wish to share this story that has taken up many of our headlines over the past six years with our readers for what may be the final time.


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