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Oscar ‘Best Picture’ surprise nominations

In recent years, the Oscars have become far more than just an award show. The race to claim one of the infamous golden statues has become an obsession for not only those involved in the entertainment industry, but also for those keeping score at home.

Golden Globe Awards underwhelm viewers

Award season officially kicked off on Sunday, Jan. 12, with the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards.

‘American Hustle’ rustles up two thumbs

David O. Russell has proved himself to be a competent director with films like “The Fighter” and “Silver Linings Playbook,” but with his latest Oscar contender, “American Hustle,” he has proved that there is a method to his madness.

Promotional stunt unleashes ‘Devil Baby’

New York-based marketing firm, Thinkmodo, struck again, releasing an animatronic infant in a remote-controlled pram to terrorize the people of Manhattan on Tuesday, Jan. 14, as part of a low-budget marketing stunt to promote the movie “Devil’s Due,” released on Friday, Jan. 17.

Cruising to the Super Bowl

A boatload of fans will attend the Super Bowl via cruise. Meanwhile, holiday shoppers have their privacy violated.

The wait for wireless continues on

As the College enters a new year of its wireless developments, students take issue with both the speed of the process and the network already in place.

Art exhibit enters the mind of Ruane Miller

The College’s Art Gallery will be featuring a retrospective exhibition of 46 works of art created by faculty member Ruane Miller between Wednesday, Jan. 22, and Thursday, Feb. 20.

Birthright, a tour of Israel and personal faith

Winter break allowed Jewish students at the College a chance to explore their heritage in Israel on the Birthright Trip.

Mischief from the window to Wolfe Hall

Criminal mischief abounds at the conclusion of the fall semester.

In India, College debaters take on the world

A corps of the College's Society for Parliamentary Debate travel to India for a global tournament.

Some trouble with the English language

In 1946, Orwell published “Politics and the English Language,” an essay criticizing the English of his period for its carelessness and vapidity. Unfortunately, this problem has not abated in the almost 70 years since Orwell’s death, despite his efforts to highlight the issue.

US funds allocation favors senior citizens

Our children are the future. So is an impending debt crisis that requires chokehold austerity measures, according to Congress, advocacy groups, big-government antagonists and everyone’s grandma. That last member of the fiscal phalanx is no joke.

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