Sunday, January 24, 2021

Jaclyn English

Campus arts festival returns to showcase student talent

The proverbial coffeehouse - that smoky, intimate medium in which artists and intellectuals share and exchange their thoughts and creations, will exist in the Rat this Saturday when The College's student arts festival,"The Goods," will be held for the third time from 2 to 8 p.

Fielding adds antics but maintains realism in ‘Bridget’ sequel

Hurrah! Bridget is back! Helen Fielding, the author who received praise for her hilarious portrait of the British singleton looking for romance in all the wrong places, has blessed her readers with a second helping of Bridget Jones's delightful daily trials and triumphs.

Psychology graduate teaches to a different beat

The life of a musician has always had a certain allure: many dream about the glamour and decadence of the rock-star lifestyle. Danny Britt, a 1995 College alumnus, was not immune to these feelings - he was drawn to the drums and started playing them at age 12.

‘Twentysomething’ pianist bucks jazz, pop traditions

The obvious definition of "Twentysomething" is "a young adult in his twenties," but the term encompasses so much more than that: a period in one's life marked by indecision, frivolity, harmless egotism, a still incomplete world perspective, the desire to cling to youth and lack of responsibility and some serious soul-searching.

‘Classified’ creates ‘bond’ between classical and pop

4/5 Stars When the four girls of Bond debuted on the music scene about four years ago, they were initially banned from the UK classical charts. Apparently, their combination of world music dance beats and traditional strings did not fit the definition of this genre.

Gay marriage is a vital step towards equality

On Feb. 5, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts declared it would no longer offer "civil unions" instead of marriage for same-sex couples. This change further clarified a Nov. 18 decision that overturned Massachusetts's opposite-sex only marriage law. In response, according to the Boston Globe, nearly 2,000 people participated in protest rallies against the ruling.

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