November 26, 2020

Your welcome back gift: The ABC’s of Internet lovin’

August 30, 2006 Jaclyn English 0

Dear (hopefully) tanned and relaxed College students,

First off, I’d like to apologize for the fact that I wasn’t there for you all summer. Surely you came across tons of relationship issues in your hometown – avoiding the ex, meeting new people at parties or bars or possibly traveling into new, uncharted sexual territory. […]

Woodwind ensemble channels the greats

April 19, 2006 Jaclyn English 0

Last Wednesday evening, the College’s woodwind quintet showcased its amazing skill and poise to a captive audience in Kendall Hall.

The quintet is comprised of junior music major Katie Ambacher on flute; junior music major Gregory Marsh on clarinet; senior music major Bethanie Schultz on oboe; senior music major Timora Hartwig on bassoon; and junior music major Kristina Gannon on French horn. […]


March 29, 2006 Jaclyn English 0

Don’t believe Wikipedia’s lies

I was very impressed with Shaina Basile’s Opinion article in the last issue of The Signal, in which she called Cindy Sheehan “despicable” and “an insult to (her) son’s memory.”

I was particularly intrigued with the fact that Basile credits all of the facts in the article as having been retrieved at wikipedia. […]

Way to go Joe: D’Alessandro is cookin’ in Brooklyn

March 1, 2006 Jaclyn English 0

Last June, after watching the 50-round Major League Baseball draft pick-by-pick on the computer with his father, junior pitcher Joe D’Alessandro was ecstatic to find himself drafted in the 23rd round by the New York Mets.

“It was really great; my dad was so proud of me,” D’Alessandro said. […]

Lions steamroll NYU at home

March 1, 2006 Jaclyn English 0

The sun was shining last Friday and Saturday and so were the women’s and men’s tennis teams. Opening day was heating up in the Recreation Center on Friday as the women’s team defeated New York University and the men’s shut out No. 31-ranked Washington College on Saturday. […]

Speaker encourages females to be world leaders

November 9, 2005 Jaclyn English 0

Drawing laughs and questions from a full audience in the New Library Auditorium, Laura Liswood, senior advisor in Global Leadership and Diversity for Goldman Sachs who interviewed 15 female prime ministers and presidents, spoke on women in leadership last week. […]

Apple ripe as always with newest release

October 12, 2005 Jaclyn English 0

It has been six long years since Fiona Apple’s last album, “When the Pawn…”

In her absence, fans discovered that Apple was working on her latest release with producer and usual collaborator, Jon Brion.

Soon, two songs were leaked. Eventually, all the tracks were available to any fan with a healthy knowledge of how to navigate the Internet. […]

Annual variety show highlights depth of Asian culture

April 6, 2005 Jaclyn English 0

For the twelfth year, the Asian American Association (AAA) brought a high-energy, colorful combination of sights and sounds to the campus community on April 2 with Mystique of the East.

In this year’s show, Mystique’s correspondents “reported” from the front line of countries across Asia to bring us “fun, singing, dancing, tradition and beauty,” Amardeep Gill, sophomore biology major, said. […]

Women share words of comedy, empowerment, Miss Peach

March 23, 2005 Jaclyn English 0

When English professor Cathy Day opened for the sixth annual Women’s Words event in Forcina on March 16, she shared a story about a fan letter she received from a Mr. White. Mr. White, who had purchased and read her book “The Circus in Winter,” was extremely satisfied with his choice to have done so, but brazenly stated, “I don’t read women writers.” […]

Strangers and nuns solve mystery of “Mary Murderer”

February 23, 2005 Jaclyn English 0

If there are two things students at the College are always looking for, it’s entertainment and food. Students in search of these and more were able to find it in the All College Theater (ACT) murder mystery dinner production of Billy St. John’s “Murder Can Be Habit-Forming,” which was performed in the Decker main lounge on Feb. […]

Comedian brings song, humor and Signal jokes to college

February 2, 2005 Jaclyn English 0

Nothing was off limits at the comedy show featuring Stephen Lynch last week – not even The Signal.

Lynch, who is recognized for his irreverent and ridiculously funny songs on his own Comedy Central special, seemed confused by the name of the paper and asked bewilderedly, “Like a television signal?” That led him to ask the name of our TV news program, “The Journal. […]

Sequel has same quirky characters, less pleasing plot

December 1, 2004 Jaclyn English 0

If you are looking for a replica of “Bridget Jones’ Diary” in the movie’s sequel, it is just about certain that you will not be pleased with “The Edge of Reason.”

However, if you long to see Bridget and her antics on-screen again, then the new flick should satisfy your craving. […]

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