Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Don’t believe Wikipedia’s lies

I was very impressed with Shaina Basile’s Opinion article in the last issue of The Signal, in which she called Cindy Sheehan “despicable” and “an insult to (her) son’s memory.”

I was particularly intrigued with the fact that Basile credits all of the facts in the article as having been retrieved at, an open-source encyclopedia which anyone can edit.

However, I came across something most perplexing while exploring this bastion of factual information known as Wikipedia.

Upon visiting the site, you’d be astonished to realize that according to one of the site’s anonymous authors, Shaina Basile herself is “an influential member of the liberal anti-war feminist grassroots movement Code Pink” (

She also has a “deep admiration” for Cindy Sheehan, whom she frequently works beside at grassroots anti-war events.

I found this astonishing, considering Basile just recently penned an article attacking Sheehan. Perhaps an open-source encyclopedia that any pre-teen with Internet access can edit is not the most reliable source of information for articles that are to be published in newspapers.

Chris Zimbaldi

Buchanan’s price unreasonably high

Regarding your news story about the invite of Pat Buchanan, am I to understand that it will cost the school $15,000!?

This appears to be an outrageous sum of money that could be better spent inviting other speakers at more reasonable costs.

Does Mr. Buchanan understand that the College is a public institition with limited funds facing budget cuts in the coming year?

Bert Hirsch,

parent of student


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