Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Katherine Holt

Millennials face unjust criticism from older generations

“Narcissistic,” “entitled” and “lazy” are all common terms that older people typically use to describe millennials and younger generations (including generations Y and Z).

Party scene marginalizes some students

Having fun means something different for everybody; some people enjoy playing sports while others enjoy spending their day cuddled up with a good book. At the College, there are hundreds of different clubs and activities for students to get involved in, but for many young adults, the main source of “having a good time” is typically associated with going out to parties.

Common courtesy should become common again

Growing up, my parents always made a consistent effort to instill the “golden rule” in me, ensuring that I was always kind to everybody who I crossed paths with no matter their race, ethnicity, occupation or economic status. Saying things like “please” and “thank you” were the most basic things I learned when I first entered social situations, and so I have always expected others to abide by common courtesy too. But as I become more independent and experience more exposure to daily human interaction, I’ve slowly begun to realize that these “common” courtesies really aren’t so common anymore.

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