Friday, January 15, 2021

Matt Richman

‘Academic freedom’ stifles free exchange of ideas

The year is 1968. The United States is embroiled in a war in Southeast Asia, and former colonized nations are struggling with independence. Student rebellions are rocking cities and universities around the globe. The new generation of student activists largely rejects parental conceptions of politics, religion, morality and sexuality.

Sodexho preys on students and employees alike

I admit, with a twinge of pride, that I made Sodexho's "Enemies List" as a member of the "group of 15 to 20 students" who took advantage of their Free Breakfast for Students Program each morning this semester, as detailed in last week's Signal. As soon as I realized Sodexho's technical error, I made sure to rise early each morning, head to Eickhoff Hall and enjoy a leisurely, free breakfast courtesy of Dick Macedonia, the American CEO of Sodexho, Inc.

Frat posters pussy out and lose credibility

"Don't Be A Pussy! Be a Panther" read the flyer I saw posted in my residence hall, and later noticed all over campus. An advertisement for the fraternity Alpha Psi Chi, the flier also featured a heavily muscled depiction of the forementioned member of the feline family.

College administration dodges student input

Upon my acceptance to the College, I encountered the same question from relatives, friends of the family and coworkers: "Which college of New Jersey are you going to?" Most people it seems are still in the dark about the name change. Many need to be told "Trenton State College" to be able to recognitize the institution.

Freshman year could never be a waste

Well, my first year of college is coming to an end, so I'm gonna be a clich? and reflect upon it. If you are a prospective freshman on a tour and pick up The Signal, here's the real deal. I had no idea of what to expect when coming to the College.

Losing the clock tower isn’t only reason to rally

"Virtually all students asked about the logo change said they were against it," read a sentence of the lead article about the logo change rally in the Trenton Times last Wednesday. The article went on to quote a College student who said, "Every little thing, there are rallies about.

Support the troops, question the administration

"Support our troops" seems to be the battle cry from those in power these days. Not support our President, not support this war, but support our troops. Unfortunately, this insidious bit of propaganda lends tacit support to the actions of President Bush and his ruling coterie.

Hell no, we won’t go or stop protesting war

After President Bush has proceeded with war, ignoring all dissent (as not to be ruled by focus groups), the storm of protest has been immense. On the morning after the war began, people took to the streets to express their displeasure with the Bush administration's actions.

Iraq isn’t the only one guilty of breaking the rules

Unfortunately, war looks likely for the near future. All anti-war sentiment aside, there is just one small problem with the push for war: it will violate international law. It's funny because the main reason given by the Bush administration for war is that Saddam Hussein has violated international law, specifically U.

Not all dissenting opinion is from communist traitors

I love getting hate mail. The best part of my (pathetic) week is flipping to the letters section of The Signal to see if I've pissed anybody off. If so, I know that I've been doing my job. Of all the things I've encountered at college, the apathy of students is the most frustrating.

Israel’s state in question

Although the strife within Israel has been overshadowed in the last couple of months due to media focus on Iraq, I predict that certain factors will cause issues involving Israel to surface in the near future. Groups on both sides, Zionist and anti-Zionist, will relate the conflict with Iraq to their own views on Israel.

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