Saturday, January 16, 2021

Tom Ballard

Scalia’s seat should be filled as soon as possible

By Tom Ballard Opinions Editor On Saturday, Feb. 13, the country was rocked with the news of the death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia....

The Signal asks… Describe the 2016 presidential race in one word.

“(A) circus.” “Bizarre.” “Chaotic.” “Stalemate.”

North Jersey casinos will harm the state

By Tom Ballard Opinions Editor Let’s face it: the Garden State has a gambling problem. Last month, the New Jersey Senate Budget Committee approved a proposal...

The Signal asks… did you watch the Super Bowl?

“Yes I did... I watched it for the food.” “(I did watch it) less for the game and more for the commercials, since I’m a...

Wikileaks founder Assange detained by Sweden

Julian Assange, founder of the Wikileaks website, was “arbitrarily detained by the governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom."

Freshmen should be allowed to park on campus

By Tom Ballard Opinions Editor Freshmen are stranded here at the College. The sad truth is that the vast majority of residential freshman students, like myself,...

Thirty years later: Don’t forget about the Challenger

By Tom Ballard Opinions Editor Between the stress of starting a new semester and the havoc caused by Winter Storm Jonas, it was easy to forget...

The Signal Asks… was the snow day a good call?

“With the amount of snow, it was probably the right choice, especially for commuters.” “Yeah... my driveway wasn’t even plowed yet.” “Definitely. I’m from northern Jersey...

Student presents poster at UN conference

Jennifer Liang, a senior early childhood education and psychology double major at the College, recently presented a poster at the 17th annual Committee on Teaching About the United Nations (CTAUN) conference held at the U.N. Headquarters in New York on Friday, Jan. 22.

Forcina Hall is a gem to the College community

By Tom Ballard Opinions Editor Forcina Hall: Yes, it feels old and grimy, its hallways resemble those of a typical Catholic high school and the water...

US swaps prisoners with Iran in deal

Iran released four Americans in exchange for U.S. to release seven prisoners—one Iranian and six with dual citizenship with the U.S. and Iran.

College professor named ‘Exceptional Master Leader’

One of the College’s professors was recently named an “Exceptional Master Leader” by Exchange magazine, receiving one of the 49 awards that the publication gives out on an international level.

The Signal asks… Was Winter Break too long?

"I think it should have been longer." "Yes, I think it was too long." "It’s fine how it is." "Yeah, I don’t like long breaks because then...

The Iowa caucuses: An irrelevant sideshow

By Tom Ballard Opinions Editor Iowa: When one enters the name of the 29th U.S. state into a search engine, the results will most likely be...

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