Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Millennials face unjust criticism from older generations

“Narcissistic,” “entitled” and “lazy” are all common terms that older people typically use to describe millennials and younger generations (including generations Y and Z).

PS4 reigns as champion of modern gaming consoles

Sony debuted its first gaming console, the Playstation One, in 1994. It is widely considered to be the father of all playing consoles, and my own father bought one after its release.

Reading promotes intellectual growth

Over the summer, I was told to read a book before my first class of the semester. Ironically, the book was about the importance of reading books and continuing to do so for the rest of your life.

Common courtesy should become common again

Growing up, my parents always made a consistent effort to instill the “golden rule” in me, ensuring that I was always kind to everybody who I crossed paths with no matter their race, ethnicity, occupation or economic status. Saying things like “please” and “thank you” were the most basic things I learned when I first entered social situations, and so I have always expected others to abide by common courtesy too. But as I become more independent and experience more exposure to daily human interaction, I’ve slowly begun to realize that these “common” courtesies really aren’t so common anymore.

Letter to the Editor — Bible Believers misrepresent Bible

Dear Editor: The recent campus visits from the group calling itself “Bible Believers” demonstrated not only hate speech but also an but erroneous way to...

Students share opinions around campus

“Are you worried about the countries future?” “Yes because Donald Trump.” “Yes, specifically environmentally because it is not something that you can fix overnight.” “What annoys you...

Students share opinions around campus

What's your opinion?

Students share opinions around campus

“Should T-Dubs re-open its doors for meal equiv?” “Yes, it should be open again. Living in the Towers made it convenient for lunch.” “Yes, because I...

Students share opinions around campus

“Is Bill Clinton’s past relevant to Hillary’s campaign?” “No. Bill isn’t running for president, his wife is. There are more important issues to focus on.” “Yes,...

Students share opinions around campus

“Are on-campus mental health facilities up to par?” “I don’t think so. I know people who went for personal counseling, but CAPS is more into...

Students share opinions around campus

“Does America’s political system work for the people?” “No, there’s a level of dishonesty within both of the political parties.” “No, because no one wants the...

Students share opinions around campus

“Are people too casual about sexual assault jokes?” “Yes, I think a lot of people take the issue lightly. People don’t know if someone has...

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