October 20, 2020

Abortion should not be used to catalyze discussion

November 26, 2018 Signal Contributor 1

Abortion should not be used simply as a tool to promote dialogue for the sake of what can only be described as the College’s tokenizing of a woman-centered issue. This is especially true at a college like our own that consistently cites “student safety” concerns when implementing policy after policy. […]

Healthy people should be vaccinated

November 5, 2018 Michelle Lampariello 0

Like many kids, I was terrified of getting my flu shot and would throw tantrums until my mother bribed me with a promise of macaroni and cheese for dinner if I behaved. Though I may have spent my childhood terrified of needles, I changed my tune as I got older and learned more about the role of vaccines in disease prevention. […]

Person first language essential for inclusion

October 29, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

Nearly one in five Americans has a disability, making them the nation’s largest minority, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As a person who is currently able-bodied, I do not think I will ever truly understand the life of a person with a disability. People with disabilities face injustices in nearly every aspect of their lives from people who refuse to understand their struggle. […]

Corporations exploit breast cancer for profit

October 23, 2018 Camille Furst 0

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, both corporations and citizens alike have been smothered in the color pink, all in an effort to bring awareness to this disease. However, a light must finally be shed on the true consequences of these pink ribbons and other products being sold throughout the nation in the name of breast cancer awareness. […]

Common courtesy should become common again

September 11, 2018 Katherine Holt 0

Growing up, my parents always made a consistent effort to instill the “golden rule” in me, ensuring that I was always kind to everybody who I crossed paths with no matter their race, ethnicity, occupation or economic status. Saying things like “please” and “thank you” were the most basic things I learned when I first entered social situations, and so I have always expected others to abide by common courtesy too. But as I become more independent and experience more exposure to daily human interaction, I’ve slowly begun to realize that these “common” courtesies really aren’t so common anymore. […]

Students share opinions around campus

November 28, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Are you worried about the countries future?” “Yes because Donald Trump.” “Yes, specifically environmentally because it is not something that you can fix overnight.” “What annoys you most about on-campus living?” “The walk from Townhouses […]

Students share opinions around campus

November 7, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Should T-Dubs re-open its doors for meal equiv?” “Yes, it should be open again. Living in the Towers made it convenient for lunch.” “Yes, because I like the food options they serve and the convenience.” […]

Students share opinions around campus

October 31, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Is Bill Clinton’s past relevant to Hillary’s campaign?” “No. Bill isn’t running for president, his wife is. There are more important issues to focus on.” “Yes, because Hillary blatantly tried to get the victims to […]

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