Friday, March 5, 2021
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Landmark Americana under fire

On the night of the fatal Dec. 2 car accident that left the campus community in mourning, Landmark Americana security footage captured the driver staggering out of the bar in a drunken state while attempting to light a cigarette.

Vital Signs: Dangers of ‘drunkorexia’

Binge drinking and eating disorders are both big issues among college students. When these two habits combine, students may suffer in what the University of Texas at Austin refers to as “drunkorexia —”  the practice of restricting calories throughout the day in order to make room for calories from alcohol.

Psychologist offers solutions for stress management

Psychologist and comedian Matt Bellace held a lecture about stress management and high risk behavior in the Education Building Room 212 on April 18.

Classic Signals: Alcohol Sanctions

Alcohol and other drugs are a point of contention on college campuses, as college is a notorious time for young people to engage in alcohol and drug use at parties.

Classic Signals: Rape awareness

Rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment are still problems on all college campuses, especially with regard to alcohol-related incidents.

Students drink their way through first week of classes

On Friday, Sept. 1, at approximately 10:40 p.m., three Campus Police officers were dispatched to a men’s restroom in Travers Hall on reports of an intoxicated male. Upon arrival, the officers met with two community advisors. One of the CAs stated that he witnessed a male resident go into the restroom and vomit, according to police reports.

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