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‘Order Out of Chaos’: An interview with George Saunders

"Everything I do and see, I hope, eventually gets into the stories, albeit, you know – reformatted. I imagine I have this big vat over my head and everything I read and watch and observe in the world goes in there and then I forget about it, but it’s directly feeding the subconscious so that it’s ready to come into a story."

‘Hinowa ga Crush’ gears up readers for war

After Hinata’s mother, a Soukai captain, is murdered by a formidable Tenrou commander, she adopts her name, Hinowa, and vows to end the war.

Professor hosts book launch party to fund Womanspace

An alumna and adjunct professor of counselor education at the College proudly shared a glimpse of her lifelong battle with anxiety at her book launch party and fundraiser for Womanspace at Piccolo Pronto in Campus Town on Friday, March 23.

Professor discusses her family’s journey through Holocaust

Ellen Friedman, an English professor at the College, has been working since 1985 to combat the complications that come with passing on the memories of others by conducting interviews with family members.

Alumnus advises aspiring millionaires

Alumnus Bryan M. Kuderna’s “Millennial Millionaire: A Guide to Become a Millionaire by 30” is far from the average self-improvement book. It pinpoints understandable, applicable habits that can be established the moment you put down the book. Kuderna (‘09) expertly reaches a young audience by delivering sound financial advice combined with humor and historical insights.

‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ goes from novel to Netflix

The Netflix adaptation is not a failure in any sense, but it doesn’t quite hit its mark. The suspenseful storyline, coupled with the star-crossed lovers theme and controversial subject matter, all but ensure the popularity of the series.

‘Human Acts’ tells tales of mortality through multiple perspectives

Each chapter is told from a different perspective, from Dong-ho’s best friend, to a former prisoner, to Dong-ho’s own mother. These characters are all connected to the young victim in a different way, each carrying the same burden of grief and sorrow under a different set of shoulders.

‘Before I Fall’ tells uniquely grim tale

This riveting novel made me invested in what the characters were doing, as I tried to figure out what truly was underneath Sam’s death. It kept me alert and vigilant at all times, and I did not want to put it down.
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