Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Tag: climate change

Biden designates zone in NJ & NY waters for offshore wind farm

President Biden highlighted parts of his energy-efficient infrastructure plan in his joint address to Congress on April 28. Much of his agenda focused on creating jobs while addressing the issue of climate change.

Search for missing workers continues after glacier burst in India

By Sarah AdamoCorrespondent Just after midnight on Monday, Feb. 8, over 171 people went missing in northern India when an avalanche of water and debris...

President Biden’s plan to reduce climate change

By Anika PruthiStaff Writer President Biden plans to reach net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 and make a large public investment toward clean energy, according to...

Environmental groups at TCNJ strive for change

Dr. Miriam Shakow’s Anthology 246 class is different from an average college course. Instead of the focus on studying, tests and homework, students learn to get active and make a difference in campaigns that tackle major environmental problems. 

Britain takes more aggressive action in fighting climate change

Britain recently announced a more aggressive plan to combat the ever-increasing climate threat. The plan will grant the British government the power to ban petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles as early as 2032, according to The Guardian.

Interstate Air Pollution in the United States Sparks Concern

New studies citing data primarily from 2005 to 2018 are confirming a troubling reality — even when air pollution is kept below ‘safe’ guidelines, exposure can still be fatal, according to CNN.

Rising ocean acidity levels are threatening aquatic species

While the more disastrous effects of climate change have yet to fully reveal themselves, Dungeness Crab larvae are some of the first of the many aquatic species to feel its impact, with the shells of the larvae weakening and dissolving amid a sweeping reduction in ocean pH levels, according to CNN.

Princeton student promotes environmental change

After President Donald Trump appointed multiple climate change skeptics to his Cabinet, Jonathan Lu, a senior computer science major at Princeton University, knew he had a duty to advocate for change. Instead of just raising awareness on Princeton’s campus, Lu was determined to make waves on a national level.

Classic Signals: Recycling Plan

As the temperature fluctuates rapidly this winter, people are becoming increasingly worried about climate change creating such haphazard weather.

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