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Students can take steps to combat seasonal depression

For many students, including myself, the weeks can bleakly start to bleed together as the fall and winter seasons kick in. Some days you truly can’t bring yourself to write that discussion post or hop on that Zoom lecture. But when it boils down, the root of the problem for a lot of college students isn’t as simple as burnout. 

9/11 from a New Yorker’s perspective: May we never forget

The events of Sept. 11, 2001, had a huge impact on the country and the world. It killed 2,977 people according to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and to this date is the largest terrorist attack launched on the United States. As a lifelong New Yorker, the events of that day really hit close to home. I was only 17 months old when it happened, but I still feel an impact in hearing the stories that my family has told me.

People shouldn’t be afraid to be single

You might think that some people are just made for relationships — sometimes they just function better that way, right?

Students should feel free to explore different career paths

When you’re little, change is encouraged. If you want to be a firefighter one day and a ballerina the next, it’s met with nothing more than innocent questions from parents and a shift in the types of presents received during holidays. So why is this necessary growth discouraged in college, a place where this growth is still occurring?

People should use fear as motivation

This summer, I insisted, despite the reasonable objections of my parents, that I return to my summer camp one more time to be a counselor. I figured that my summers of carefree cannonballs into the deep end and late-night bonfires were numbered, and that I could squeak out one more season by returning to the iconic place that defined my childhood.

Students should not give up on romance

My favorite film is “5 to 7,” a romance movie starring the late actor Anton Yelchin. He plays a young American journalist in New York who falls for a married French woman who he is only allowed to see from the hours of —?you guessed it — 5 to 7.

Appreciating summer can be difficult

Much to the chagrin of my peers, I don’t look forward to summer vacation.

Students should pay attention more in class

Yes, hi, this is the professor’s pet speaking. You know, the one who sits front and center in every class. The one who takes scrupulous notes in her thick notebook. The one who raises her hand regularly to ask and answer questions.

Call your mother — she worries.

With a packed schedule and a stressed out, overwhelmed mindset to match, it can be hard to remember to make time for your family as a college student.

Students should not fear change

Days before I started my freshman year at the College a year and a half ago, I was extremely anxious. I did not know what to expect from this new chapter of my life and was beginning to get cold feet.

Time alone is important for students

The beginning of my freshman year consisted of awkward Welcome Week ice breakers, countless Taylor ham versus pork roll debates and hoping that I would never have to eat alone at the dining hall.

Coping skills are necessary to kick unhealthy habits

Over winter break, I volunteered at a detox unit in my local hospital. Though I was only there for a few weeks, I learned so much more than I expected to.

One helping hand can go a long way

The increasing prevalence of social media platforms provides us with a one-of-a-kind opportunity. I’m not talking about the opportunity to “slide into the DMs” for a virtual conversation with that girl you are too afraid to approach in person, although that may be helpful. I’m referring to the access of the thoughts and mental construction of the individuals that we follow, available at our fingertips.

Healthy homework habits are essential to success

Much to the chagrin of my peers, I don’t do any homework after 8 p.m.

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