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Students protest new graphic, ask for better representation

Students’ voices were heard as a number of protesters gathered beside the sun dial outside of the student center last Wednesday, chanting “What do we want? Clock tower! When do we want it? Now!”

Signs reading “We Want the Clock Tower” and “Stop Wasting Our Money” were held in oppositon to the new school logo that many students claim they had been unaware of until the transformation was made.

“I never got the e-mail about it being changed. I went to check my e-mail one day, and I saw the new logo up where the old one had been,” Kristen Bowers, senior technology education major, said. “That was my notification.”

Robert Hedden, senior technology studies major, said his main purpose for attending the rally was to support the students since most had not been represented in the decision of the new logo.

“I only ask that you let other people know how you feel about it,” David Niemierowski, graduate student in technology education said. “If you want to send a letter to President Gitenstein, go ahead and let her know. We all have an opinion.”

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they didn’t ask our permission,” Doug Hill, senior technology education major, said. “A lot of schools they said have clock towers, but as David pointed out, there are more schools with the shield rather than the clock tower.”

Hedden said while he believes in change, he felt more students should have been invloved in the decision.

“I think we need better student leadership on campus,” Hedden said. “Our students leadership isn’t currently voicing student opinions and concerns.”

According to Niemierowski, the purpose of the rally was to get more students to voice their opinions about what is important to them as students at the College.

“Close to 2,000 people signed a petition against it, and although that is not the majority of the people on campus, it is a significant amount,” Niemierowski said.

Many students also said they felt the new graphic identity did not represent them properly.

“That’s not the logo of the school I applied to,” Bowers said. “The logo is our identity and by them changing it, I don’t feel the new logo represents me or the campus community.”

“I think the college vastly underestimated the feeling of the campus community against the logo,” Niemierowski said.


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