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Campus Style – Sean Devlin

IMG_1105Sean Devlin, Junior
International Business

What are you wearing?

The sweater is from Forever21, the shirt is Issey Miyake and my jeans I got in Paris at this store called COS, which is kind of like a high-end H&M from Denmark. The watch is Timex. I just happened to buy it and then I noticed my grandma had the same one in silver.

What about your Converses?

My friends call them my WALL-E shoes. My interpretation of the artwork on them is that it’s just like robot feet. I think they add some pizzazz to whatever I happen to be wearing.

Where do you typically shop?

Nowhere specific, but I always have things in mind that I want. I find a lot of cool things at Goodwill. I found a Yves Saint Laurent button-down there once. I love Barney’s, but only the sale section, because I can’t afford anything else there.

What types of clothes typically draw your attention?

I like simple designs with tiny, interesting details that set them apart. I once had a pair of shorts with piping that was plaid, and even though no one could really see it, I just enjoyed knowing I had that detail. I also love playing with proportion and texture — it adds a little something.

So you were in Paris for a semester — what was style like there?

Fashion-wise, I felt not up-to-par. The high school kids dressed better than I did. The guys all wore button-downs, tight Diesel jeans and leather shoes. It was cool to see people who wanted to present themselves so nicely every day. People had no reservations on what they would wear — you could wear anything. I’d see guys wearing goat-fur vests or tights with long cardigans. It was refreshing to see people dressed so interestingly.

Do you think there are as many options for men’s fashions in America?

It depends on where you shop, but for the masses, there isn’t as much variety. I am always on a never-ending search for different things, and I don’t like to settle for something I don’t really want.

What are you currently searching for?

A perfect-fitting pair of jeans. It’s impossible to find my size. I want a pair of APC jeans so badly. I’ve been saving my pennies for them.

Do you have favorite designers?

I love Lanvin, Balenciaga, and Givenchy. Lanvin is so classic, while Balenciaga is structured and polished. Givenchy plays with so many silhouettes. He’ll pair a loose pair of shorts with tights underneath. Everything of his is so dark and somber-looking, but at the same time it’s beautiful.

Were you a fan of Alexander McQueen?

He was a truly remarkable designer. McQueen contributed so much to fashion because he was different from everything else that was out there.

Any other fashion icons?

Yes, of course. Two of my favorites are Anna dello Russo and Carine Roitfeld. While they’re both women, their philosophies on fashion are so perfect. Anna wants every piece in her closet to be a collector’s item- something special, and different, rather than something banal. Roitfeld always goes for style over comfort. She always chooses something that looks polished and sharp, never mind comfortable.

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