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Maria Avilez (Kristen Kubilus / Staff Writer)

Maria Avilez, TCNJ Alumni
Major:Psychology and Women and Gender Studies

What are you wearing?

I got this skirt from Forever 21 on sale for seven bucks, and the shirt I bought from Century 21.  The sandals are Nine West.  I made the necklace myself.

Where do you usually shop?

Lately I’ve been into guest collections from high-end designers at mainstream retailers, like Jean Paul Gaultier and Liberty of London for Target.  I get excited about those because I can actually afford them.  Christian Siriano has a collection out at Payless.  I was a big fan of his from Project Runway. Century 21 is also my thing right now.

Would you place your style into any category?

In the past I could have. I was into a kind of a rocker look in high school, and later on my style was more bohemian.  Now, I think it’s all about versatility.  I’m really into playing with colors right now, and I love mixing color schemes, like neutrals with pastels.

What attracts you to fashion?

It’s a nonverbal form of expression for me.  If I’m feeling very vulnerable one day, I’ll put something edgy and rough on to give off that illusion.  What I put on each morning will express my mood for that day.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am very inspired by New York City.  I interned for public affairs at Nickelodeon this past semester, and everyone at the MTV offices was so posh and chic.  But you can hop on a subway to go downtown, and the fashion is just so different.  I am so inspired by downtown style… give me the edgy, give me the scruffy.  In New York, it’s never a dull moment.

Any fashion icons?

If I had to pick two fashion icons for me, they’d be Mary Kate Olsen and Sarah Jessica Parker.  They’re both very different.  Mary Kate pushes the envelope between acceptable and just absurd.  I love how she always walks that line, but you either love it or hate it.  Sarah Jessica does it in her own way, but she’s still fabulous and very high fashion.
I am always eying for accessories.  They take your outfit to the next level.  Give me a million dollars and I’ll spend most of it on accessories.  I love bulky rings, they make me feel confident.  I love layering necklaces.  I’m always on the lookout for the most rare accessory.

Do you think you stand out with your style?

At TCNJ, it’s been very hard not to conform to what I see. I try to keep as much of the city and of much as where I come from with me, so although I’m in a foreign setting, I’m not restricted to holding up to those rules.  It’s very contagious to wear sweatpants here, but you can be awesomely fashionable, and still wear something comfortable.


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