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Campus Style – Daniel Dick

Photo courtesy of Christopher Krzoska

Daniel Dick, Sophomore

What are you wearing?

This is my signature hat. I thought these were capris when I bought them, but they’re not. I got them from the Goodwill. I don’t have the money for high fashion. Everything in this world is, to an extent, restricted by money. That’s why I dig the thrifts.

Where did you get that tie?

The unlawfulness of theft can only be derived after the concept of private property has been formulated.

… And your shirt?

It’s a Hugo Boss, I believe. It’s also a Goodwill find.

Are there any particular brands you like?

It’s all about utility and aesthetics, not branding. Although, I have taken a particular liking to some streetwear brands — Brooklyn Circus, for instance. I perused a lookbook of theirs a while back and was quite struck. But, once again, I’m too broke for that shit.

Which MC right now has a style you love?

Big K.R.I.T. He’s an MC outta Mississippi, usurper to the throne of David Banner. A far superior artist, in my opinion. Lyrically superlative, and a beatsmith of incredible ingenuity, to add.

What is the cane all about?

If the world is a stage, as Shakespeare would have us believe, then the cane is a simple prop. I brought and brandished it about in my first multicultural lit class — I have my suspicions that the prof wasn’t entirely happy with this spectacle.

Is that a pelican on it?

Yessuh, ma’am, I do believe. Could very well be a toucan, I do suppose. I broke part of its beak, though. I need to cop some wood glue ASAP.

How do you feel about fashion as an art?

It’s a secondary, superficial one.

Who influences your style most?

Thomas Pynchon, André Benjamin, Byron.

What is the the craziest thing you own?

I own a beaded belly shirt from Aruba. I have a black silk robe from Shanghai with a skeletal lime green outline. This hat. I suppose the glasses are a bit outlandish, also.

Those are some big glasses.

They’re from America’s Best, two pair for 70 bucks. I had just broken my previous pair, just a simple pair of square frames. So I scooped one pair reminiscent of the old ones, but had to cop these because of their utter absurdity.

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