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Indie rockers bring ‘solid beat,’ humor to Rat

The Rathskeller was abuzz with the sounds of The Narrative, featuring, from left, Jesse Gab-riel, Chris Wall and Suzie Zelden, last Friday during its show with A Great Big Pile of Leaves. (Kate Stronczer / Photo Assistant)

By Alexandra Logg

Students bobbed their heads and tapped their feet to the sounds of The Narrative and A Great Big Pile of Leaves on Friday, Feb. 18 at the Rathskeller.

The Narrative, comprised of Su-zie Zeldin on keyboard and vocals, Jesse Gabriel on guitar and vocals and Chris Wall on drums, head-lined the show.

Clapping, the effortless shake of a tambourine and well-written lyrics, sometimes containing transparent bitterness, charac-terized the group’s songs.

The song “Cherry Red” was a prime example of this. “You look so dumb with your cherry red lipstick on … And is that your can-you-see-I’m-over-you smile? … You drove my patience through the floor.”

Zeldin and Gabriel also played a few acoustic songs, some much slower than their other songs and filled with musings on the reality of relationships.

“Well it’s not that I’m insecure; I just need to be sure. These things tend to burn with time, always,” they sang in “Castling.”

Zeldin entertained the crowd by playing a few solo songs on her keyboard.

She introduced a cover by saying she was “sorry if you think it’s cheesy,” and then went on to sing Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

The night began with A Great Big Pile of Leaves, composed of guitarist and vocalist Pete Weiland, drummer Tyler Soucy and bassist Tucker Yaro, serenading the crowd with a casual, upbeat style.

“Head up in the clouds, and our toes in the sand,” sang Weiland in “We Don’t Need Our Heads.” “I used to hate sleep, I’d think of all the things that I could be missing. Let’s stay up until the morning.”

When Weiland wasn’t singing, he asked questions about the College’s campus.

“Do you need an ID to get into the library?” he asked. “No? That’s great. Party in the library!”

It was a joke the humorous Gabriel upheld during The Narrative’s set, mentioning that everyone “needs to go to the party in the library.”

Weiland continued to make small talk with the crowd and decided to create an intimate setting “by making eye contact with everyone.”

Many members of the crowd seemed to enjoy the first set.

“I really liked them. I’ve seen them before,” said Alyssa Rowen, junior finance major.

“They were catchy,” said senior special education major Jaclyn Bohan. “They had a good, solid beat.”

Others raved about both acts.

“The Rat is my favorite place to hang out on Friday nights,” said freshman communication studies major Matt Mance. “I come here for all the shows. I was looking forward to the show all week. A Great Big Pile of Leaves and The Narrative were nothing short of fantastic.”


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