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Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Re-evaluating generosity

It has been theorized that strong unemployment insurance would result in relatively higher rates of unemployment. These benefits fuel frictional unemployment and essentially provide an incentive for people not to work. Of course this is not the case for everyone.

Effects of Obamacare

As small and medium size businesses prepare for the start of the Affordable Care Act, frequently referred to as Obamacare, there will be an increase in the number of part-time positions offered by businesses and thus an increase in the number of Americans who are underemployed.

Wives’ tales of health

It’s cold and flu season and many of us are spending much of our time in search of ways to fight off the sickness or avoid it from happening altogether. For many of us, that includes taking part in old wives’ tale type remedies or avoiding certain behaviors to keep from catching a cold.

Campus Style

If you’re like most college students, costume selection involves frantically searching your dorm room for random articles of clothing and supplies. Fear not! Before you rip the sheet off your bed and decide to go as a ghost, consider the following:

EPA faces heat over emission standards

Vice President Joe Biden visited the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters on Thursday, Oct. 17, and formally welcomed back more than 160,000 workers who were furloughed by the 16-day stalemate in Congress.

Golden Empire takeout falls to No. 1 China

There’s nothing better than take-out Chinese food on a rainy day when being productive just isn’t in the cards and Eickhoff just won’t cut it.

Women instrumental in ending government shutdown

During one of the darkest moments of the government shutdown, Susan Collins (D-Maine) took the senate floor and said, “I ask my Democratic and Republican colleagues to come together. We can do it. We can legislate responsibly and in good faith.”

T. Swift evolves: new album unlike the rest

Do you hear that? No, turn off the megahit “Work Bitch” for a second and listen even closer. Yes. It’s the sound of women waxing their legs, plucking their brows and bleaching their, well ... Because, everyone, Zac Efron is single.

PRISM hosts LGBTQ activist and vigil

To raise awareness to the difficulties and triumphs of the people in the LGBTQ community, PRISM hosted two events on Monday, Oct. 14 and Wednesday, Oct. 16 for Queer Awareness Month.

Mirror can be menace for men, as well as girls

When I was a little boy I would wander into my living room and find my family, eyes glued to the television screen. My mother, father, sister and grandmother were all intensely watching whatever athletic event was happening on screen. I would feign interest for a few moments before I was utterly confused and simply bored by what was happening, then plod over to my action figures and play silently in a corner.

‘Carrie’: remade with a gory vengeance

'Carrie' is much the same film as its beloved 1976 predecessor, with a cautionary message still largely in tact.

No glee in Monteith death, but show goes on

Glee had an exceptional challenge in revolving an episode around Cory Monteith's death, but raw emotions rose to the occasion.

Lost in translation, Legault recites his poetry

Postmodern poet Paul Legault shares his quirky insight and existential quandaries with students and staff at the College.

Not so blown away by Windy City’s musical

'Chicago' has been Broadway's longest running musical, but based on recent showings, it has not aged well.
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