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Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Lions field hockey looks for another dominant year

The women’s field hockey team is looking for another dominant year in the New Jersey Athletic Conference. The team enters this season on a 20-game regular season conference winning streak.

Netflix series puts new twist on ’80s classic

Netflix’s latest original series, “GLOW”, an acronym for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, is a scripted behind--the-scenes of a preexisting ’80s show, of the same title, that was the first to feature all female wrestlers.

Kesha’s record a colorful ‘Rainbow’ of Emotion

Kesha released her third studio album, “Rainbow,” on Aug. 11. The album is inspired by Kesha’s “true” musical inspirations, like Iggy Pop, T. Rex, Dolly Parton, The Beach Boys and The Beatles, to name only a few. Kesha, similar to the themes of her previous albums, uses a multitude of distinct artistic outlets to express her deepest feelings about love, loss and life.

Pentatonix members release new music

The newest pop superstars are finally bursting into the trending music scene, full of color and flavor.

Terrorist attacks strike fear into heart of Spain

Barcelona was ridden with fear on Aug. 17 when a terrorist drove his van into a crowd of unsuspecting people. CNN reported 13 people were killed and more than 100 others were left injured.

Threat of nuclear war elevates between North Korea and U.S.

The United States and South Korea engaged in an annual joint military exercise on Aug. 2, according to CNN. The state-run North Korean newspaper Rodung Simnu warned against the exercise as it could further inflame the tense rhetoric between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Best blockbuster films of summer 2017

When most people think about the summer, their mind immediately jumps to the beach — the feeling of the sand on their feet, the sound of crashing waves and the smell of the boardwalk.

Trenton Hall tells a different tale than Loser

I never considered myself directly invested in the outcome of our student protesters’ efforts to change the name of Paul Loser Hall.

Summer internships provide valuable experience

Summer can be quite hectic, particularly for students who take on internships in their desired job field.

Campus Style: Best trends of summer

With summer coming to an end, it’s hard to believe students will soon be rushing around campus in fabulous new outfits. Reflecting on this season’s trends, it’s safe to say this summer’s fashion was one for the books.

Classic Signals: Students move in to new homes

It’s hard to believe another school year is already here. Freshmen are eager to move into their new home at the College and begin a new chapter in their lives. Although moving in can be a stressful experience, upperclassman at the College anxiously wait to help speed up the process and give an extra set of helping hands. In 2000, several organizations on campus helped freshman with the move-in process.

Lions Plate: Tasty unicorn cupcakes

From rainbow bagels to unicorn drinks to galaxy donuts, the colorful dessert trend has taken over our social media feeds. By following a few simple steps, you can create your own Insta-worthy treat with delicious cupcakes.

‘The Money Fight’ worth cost of admission

Boxing’s decline has coincided with the rise of MMA. MMA, now the darling of professional combat sports, has thrived with a younger audience that boxing can’t seem to attract. For one night, two of the biggest names in each of their respective sports collided. Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., boxing’s 49-0 main attraction, took on “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, the Irish loud-mouth poster boy of the UFC. They met for a boxing match in Las Vegas, Nevada on Aug. 26, in what many dubbed “The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History.” Many fighting purists called it a spectacle and not a real fight. The fight marked Mayweather’s return to the ring in nearly two years and McGregor’s first ever professional boxing match. The pre-fight coverage was nearly insufferable with claims of racism, bigotry, misogyny and every other hot button issue flying out of ESPN faster than freshmen darting for meal equiv.

New players, new expectations for Lions soccer

Before most students arrived at the College, the women’s soccer team was hard at work preparing for its upcoming season. The Lions dominated last season. They pushed for a 14-game winning streak and earned a New Jersey Athletic Conference regular season title. During the run, the team was filled with an impressive squad of 15 freshman who will now be returning as sophomores. Sophomore backup goalkeeper Nicole DiPasquale was fond of her first year.

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