September 27, 2020

Campus Style: Leana Mercurio

By Lexy Yulich

Today we are chatting with junior nursing major Leana Mercurio. When she isn’t sporting scrubs, she has a style that I envy. Leana is my housemate, and whenever I have style questions, she is my go-to girl!

Mercurio sports a gray peplum tee. (Photo courtesy of Lexy Yulich)

LY: What are you wearing today?
LM: I did a little bit of Black Friday shopping, so I wanted to show off my new clothes. I’m wearing embroidered jeans from Macy’s, a grey peplum tee from Urban Outfitters and an oversized, black chenille jacket from Anthropologie. I topped it off with my favorite statement necklace.

LY: How would you describe your style?
LM: Definitely casual Bohemian. I like to mix my trends together, but I find myself always going back to Bohemian style pieces. Sometimes I go through phases where I like to wear all black, and other days I want color and flowy pieces. It all depends on my mood. One thing that I don’t change is comfort. I don’t think fashion and beauty have to be painful. Especially in college, I want to be comfortable but still look put together.

LY: Where do you find fashion inspiration?
LM: Mostly Instagram accounts. I follow LF Soho, which features street style pieces that I can incorporate into my wardrobe. I like Sophia Richie as well.

LY: Who is your style icon?
LM: Free People features everyday women that wear their clothes. I can’t say that I have one style icon, but I definitely look to Free People girls. Their styles are always similar to mine.

LY: What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
LM: I’m really into layering a fashion statement jacket with a neutral colored tee shirt. And of course, I like to wear fun jeans, like ones that have fringe at the bottom or have tasteful rips.

LY: Where do you like to shop at?
LM: I’ve been starting to purchase more expensive basic pieces and then supplement them with less expensive statement pieces.  For my basics, I love Anthropologie, Free People and Madewell, but if it’s a piece that I don’t see myself wearing in a year, I look to Misguided, Marshalls, Forever 21 and American Eagle.

LY: What is your least favorite trend?
LM: I’m so over crushed velvet, and cocktail dresses that look like night gowns. I think they can work on the right person, but I feel out of character when I wear velvet.

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