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Recital series kicks off with classical inspiration

Performers amaze the audience with polished deliveries. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor)
Performers amaze the audience with polished deliveries. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor)

By Kayla Rivas
Staff Writer

Five students impressed friends, family and classmates at the first Tuesday Afternoon Recital of the semester on Feb. 27 by showing off their musical prowess in Mayo Concert Hall.

All of the students’ classical performances were accompanied by pianist Kathy Shanklin.

Sophia Isnardi, a sophomore music education major, gently opened the show with her flute in a light, airy performance of “Allegro giocoso” by Jindrich Feld, which gradually shifted into higher notes that emanated a frightful aura. The notes rapidly quickened at a pace listeners could compare to stress-inducing scenes from horror films.

Shanklin and Isnardi both delivered the piece flawlessly. Isnardi took a bow and flashed a large grin at the audience. She left the stage beaming, proud of her performance.

Christopher McEwan, a junior music education major, took the stage next. He blew the audience away with his “Violin Sonata” by Johannes Brahms. The piece took on a somber, romantic tone.

Near the end of the piece, McEwan momentarily held the bow of the violin at his side to pluck at the violin strings. The plucked chords fell in time with Shanklin’s piano notes, as the classical combination of instruments filled the hall with sonic harmony.

His performance showed off the musical experience that he gained after 12 years of training.

“I was overall pleased with my performance in the recital,” McEwan said. “As with any performance, there is always room for improvement, but I feel like I was well prepared and played in a way that reflected the work that I put into the piece.”

Steven Plattman, a sophomore music and accounting double major, braced the audience for his performance, “Trumpet Concerto,” by Johann Neopmuk Hummel.

Plattman’s trumpet let out bold, declarative notes, filling the hall with a cheerful aura. The trumpeter often waited for the pianist’s cue to be played, but when the instruments did play simultaneously, the trumpet outshone the piano.

Emma Schell, a freshman music education major, humbly entered the hall with her flute, but showcased plenty of raw talent. In her delivery of “Sonata in F Major” by Georg Philipp Telemann, Schell maintained an upbeat and polished performance alongside Shanklin’s piano playing.

Ryan Galik, a senior music education major, fittingly performed “And Everything is Still” by Andy Scott to close out the recital.

Galik’s saxophone captivated the audience as its metallic gold surface glittered under the stage’s bright spotlights as he played the finalé.

After the recital concluded, the student performers’ friends and family flooded the lobby, as a friend of Isnardi excitedly ran to her and embraced her tightly after a musical performance that brought many people together.


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