Saturday, February 27, 2021

Kenneth Lucas

Seeking similarities is the key to peace

A huge source of disdain has recently descended upon my feeble mind. What might that be, you may ask? That some people cannot help but place ideologies over other people. I am a big fan of movies. One such movie is "Children of Men," an Alfonso Cuar?n film.

Black History Month perpetuates racism

Throughout my academic career, I've been bombarded with social awareness events so much that I've started to become annoyed. One such event is Black History Month, an event that began as a week but has since become a nationally celebrated month for the achievement of African-Americans.

Sorority girls’ intentions to join are questionable

The end of this semester officially marks the end of my stint at the College, and I am a little upset about a few things, one being sororities. Now, a lot of "culturally refined" people see Greek life as a disgrace to our more sophisticated activities like opera and other corny stuff like that - that doesn't really concern me.

Raising minimum wage artificially is damaging

Raising the minimum wage does more damage than good - this is economic fact. An overwhelming number of economists in this country and in Canada say that artificially raising wages reduces employment. Yet politicians, particularly those from the left, cannot understand that jacking up the price of labor induces less people to buy it.

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