Tuesday, January 19, 2021


SG should foster inclusion

On Jan. 24, Student Government debated and ultimately voted down a bill that would have amended our constitution to define a “smart casual” dress code — a step below business casual, and two steps below our unofficial, de facto, business professional dress code. The bill’s intention was to make SG more accessible to those who may not own or cannot afford professional wear.

Health isn’t always a choice

While discussing health inequalities in my epidemiology class, I was reminded of the times I’ve heard statements like, “being healthy is a choice,” “fat people choose to be fat” and “everyone has an equal opportunity to be healthy.”

More women belong in the workplace

In light of recent sexual assault allegations against many prominent male businessmen like Harvey Weinstein, women are more frequently speaking up against gendered injustice. While men continue to make up the majority of employees in leadership roles in industries like finance and technology, women are making big leaps to change the system that has left them disadvantaged.

Jokes at the expense of others are not acceptable

Over winter break, I got into a fight on Instagram with a YouTuber named Britt. ABitOfBritt’s channel centers on her staunch conservative values and opposition of movements like body positivity and feminism. Her Instagram account mirrors these opinions, often through the lens of mordant humor.

Tide pod challenge brainwashes teens

My parents always tell me our generation is in trouble, and this time they may be right. The consumption of Tide pods has taken over our social media feeds, and I can’t believe it.

YouTube star misrepresents US in disrespectful vlog

YouTube star Logan Paul has recently been receiving heavy backlash due to a series of video blogs from his trip to Japan. In one of such videos, he entered the forest known as the Sea of Trees, a place infamous as a common site of suicide attempts, and filmed a hanging suicide victim who he found in the woods.

Tcnj.snap deserves to be saved

Despite being away from the College for more than a month, last semester’s campus controversy and subsequent shutdown of the unofficial College Snapchat, tcnj.snap, by its faceless creator continues to chip away at me — I believe it was the wrong way to handle the issue of racism in our community.

Student reflects on lack of affordable dining

After visiting my friends at other state colleges, I began to grow angry with the lack of affordable, local dining options in Ewing.

Student highlights racial stereotyping in media

Last year, there were two incidents where a child was attacked by a wild animal. Although the tragedies were similar, the media unrightfully placed the blame on the parents in only one incident due to false stereotyping.

Society’s standards should not define beauty

When I look at myself in the mirror, I am amazed, not by my beauty or by how many pimples are covering my face, but by the experiences my body has carried me through for the past 20 years of my life.

Donald Glover an underappreciated Renaissance man

When people think of some of the biggest talents in Hollywood, they often don’t think of Donald Glover. In the entertainment industry today, he’s one of the best creative forces across film, television and music, and should be recognized for his career’s ascension.

Comcast’s speed tests differ from Fast.com

I challenge all who read this article and have Comcast, or any other internet service provider for that matter, to test your speeds using Speedtest.net, or any other prominent speed checking website, and then compare directly to Netflix’s Fast.com. Your speeds will most likely be lower, just like mine.

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