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The Chip: Eickchella 2019 Recap

This past weekend, the College’s grounds were taken over by the yearly festival known as Eickchella, where hundreds of thousands of students come out for the experience of a lifetime. This year’s festival was no different.

“Bible Believers” Protest Not As Lit As Last Year

Last year’s Bible Believers protest brought out some of the College’s most passionate students, counter-protesting the homophobic and misogynistic outcries of the moneygrubbing trolls who were begging to get assaulted and sue someone

Why Won’t Governor Phil Murphy Come To Meal Equiv With Me?

Hey guys, so something very alarming has come up in my life. I eat lunch every day, usually after I eat breakfast and before I consume my dinner.

Vegans Rejoice : Board votes to ban animal slaughtering on campus

It’s a problem that we all hear way too much about –– vegans and their lack of dining options on campus. Vegans are constantly complaining about how “they can’t eat the chicken from Eick,”

Spring Broken: Satire Columnists Go Missing

Spring break is a time to travel, see old friends, spend time with family and unwind from the stress of midterms. While many students from the College could be seen visiting every corner of the country, from the roaring waterfalls of Niagara

Swole for What: Dudes Angry Over New Definition of Attractive

For hundreds of years, young men have been striving for the perfect body. Men at all levels of buff sweating through their weight-lifting, diligently track their macronutrients and buy protein powder in bulk. These are all staples that have been a critical component of the hunk lifestyle

Hot Spot: Wolfe resident seen cooking entire four-course meal on top of ‘hot tile’

It was a cold, brisk February afternoon. As the sun set on beautiful Ewing, New Jersey, the temperature dropped to a biting six degrees Farenheit. While most residents made the decision to head to Eickhoff Hall for dinner or make a quick stop at T-dubs, one student decided to break

Student Studying Abroad Discovers Bidet

As juniors at the College began to pack their bags for foreign lands far away, The Chip sent a team of reporters to capture the stories of our colleagues from across the pond.

I rushed every fraternity then went to Greece: Why TCNJ Greek life is a lie

Whether you spend your Saturdays tucked away in the library or downing alcoholic beverages with your boys in a musty Ewing basement, Greek life is an undeniable staple of college.

Oh Deer! Local deer population terrorizes students

They’re big, strong but oh so cute!  That’s right, I am talking about our local deer,  that roam by the dozens around the College’s gorgeous, Georgian-style campus. 

Wolfe resident uses bathtub: ‘It’s not that gross guys, I promise’

WOLFE HALL – When visiting the College, it is hard to miss Wolfe Hall, the tallest building on campus. This ten-story residential building is rivaled only by its counterpart, Travers Hall. Both of these massive brick buildings combine

Freshman uses Eick tray: Why one brave soul did what we were all afraid to do

EICKHOFF HALL - You know it, some love it and most tolerate it. Between its slightly warm internal temperatures, clammy tables

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