Friday, February 26, 2021
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Theatre minor returns to the College by student demand

The College announced on May 4 that a new theatre minor is available once again to interested students, returning to the College after its original introduction in the early 2000s.

College implements testing-optional admissions policy amid outbreak

In response to the active coronavirus outbreak and its effects on standardized testing for high school students, the College announced on Tuesday, May 19, that it would implement a testing-optional admissions policy for first-year applicants.

‘DnD’ play brings laughter, tears to Black Box stage

The All College Theatre performed the play “She Kills Monsters” from Feb. 27 through March 2 in the Don Evans Black Box Theater. The play features a main character named Agnes who discovers a tabletop role playing game called Dungeons and Dragons

ACT portrays modernized ‘Medea’

Medea entered stage left, the deep red colors of her flowing dress mirrored by the coppery fluid dripping off her arm. She collapsed, her knife skittering across the floor. The deed had been done. Her children may be dead, but her revenge on Jason was complete.

SFB funds six events at weekly meeting

Six events were funded at this week’s Student Finance Board Meeting on Feb. 28. Additionally, Lauren Bsales, the current administrative director of SFB and a junior deaf education and iSTEM double major, was elected as next year’s executive director of SFB.

SFB funds ACT’s production of ‘Medea’

At the first Student Finance Board meeting of the spring semester on Wednesday Jan. 24, All College Theatre was fully funded for its production of “Medea,” and the College Union Board’s request for the funding of an outdoor concert at Funival was tabled.

Theater troupe weaves medieval mystery

Who killed King Arthur? Dozens showed up to the Decker Social Space on Friday, Nov. 10, to find out.

Play’s success is no ‘secret’

All College Theater debuted its first show of the semester, “Secret in the Wings” on Sept. 27.

All College Theatre performs one act plays

All College Theatre presented An Evening of One Act Shorts from April 21 to April 22 in the Kendall Black Box Theater. The show consisted of five short plays of several genres, including drama, comedy and murder mystery. One Acts provided an opportunity for the young writers and directors of ACT and TCNJ Musical Theatre to show off their skills, with two of the shows written by students at the College and all of the shows directed by students.

‘Stop Kiss’ explores diversity of love

The humanization of characters is an important element of reducing prejudice that many members of the LGBTQ+ community face. “When a group dehumanizes another group, that’s where we have an issue,” said Julien Blanchard, a sophomore English major who played Peter, Sara’s ex-boyfriend.

Greek and sleek, fall theater has begun

With a new season of production underway, here's what students can expect from the College's theater ensembles.

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