Thursday, February 25, 2021
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China threatens to arrest U.S. citizens in retaliation for academic arrests

China has threatened the U.S. with arresting citizens in China in response to months of arrests against academics alleged to be informants for China's government.

China on lockdown as deadly Coronavirus spreads out of Wuhan

The deadly Wuhan coronavirus has claimed at least 427 lives as China struggles to control the spread of the virus, according to a CNN live update service.

China abolishes 10-year presidential term limit

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his intent to abolish the nation’s two-term limit for presidents on Sunday, Feb. 25, according to The New York Times.

SFB funds multiple cultural events

Student Finance Board gave students a chance to experience European, Asian and Caribbean culture when it funded four cultural events at its weekly meeting on Feb. 21.

Professor creates political commentary through art

Multimedia artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee presented footage of her art installations, which exemplify how visual culture shapes notions of truth and the “other” on Friday, Feb. 16 in Kendall Hall as part of the College’s Brown Bag series.

China’s ‘Great Firewall’ blocks Pinterest

The Chinese government has banned the popular social networking and image sharing site Pinterest.

China burns more coal than previously believed

China has been burning up to 17 percent more coal each year than what they have reported.

After 35 years, China allows two-child families

China will now allow two children per family.

US and China plan anti-cybertheft group together

China’s President Xi Jiniping visited the U.S. this week to discuss cyber security with President Barack Obama to come to common understanding.

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