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#IAMTCNJ monologues inspire inclusivity

As part of Student Government’s Diversity and Inclusion week, the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hosted its second annual #IAMTCNJ monologues at 8 p.m. in Mayo Concert Hall on Thursday, April 11.

Virginity Monologues address sexual stigma

Students crowded in the Library Auditorium as they pondered this question asked by College alumna Kayla Termyna (’16).

Speakers share hairy details at monologues

“Hair is something everyone has, but people rarely talk about (it). It is a bit of a ‘hairy’ subject.” Bridget Appleby, a senior psychology major and member of Women in Learning and Leadership, joked as she started off the evening.

Students talk injustice at monologues

“We close our eyes so we don’t have to see the children’s blood-soaked school uniforms, their still sizzling flesh or their bodies contorted in terrible positions.”

Monologues encourage an open mind

“You don’t know me. You don’t even know my name. You don’t even know how to say it. ”

Monologues discuss race and politics

Stitched on the shirt of one performer were the words “Black lives matter” in bold lettering. Another shirt read, “Danger: educated black woman.”

Women perform unfiltered monologues

“That’s it. I can’t take this. My vagina is angry!” A student rose from the crowd in Mayo Concert Hall, taking the audience by surprise. Molly Knapp, a sophomore women’s, gender and sexuality studies major, walked onto the stage, still visibly upset, saying, “My vagina is not going away. It’s pissed off, and it’s right here,” beginning her monologue, “Angry Vagina.”

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