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INK slam poetry celebrates power of words

Creative writers rejoiced as INK celebrated another poetry slam on Sept. 26 in the Bliss Hall lounge.

INK poetry series makes mark on campus

Words and symbolism flowed through the library as INK, the College’s creative writing club, presented its Spring 2019 Student Reading Series on Thursday, April 25 at 8:30 p.m. in the library auditorium.

Verses, Scouts and Water: Exhibit returns with a new twist

As water has become a prominent, ongoing theme within the TCNJ Art Gallery and efforts to reach those beyond the campus community are in full swing. The gallery’s fourth event surrounding the exhibition, “Spring Eternal: Art, Water, Change,”

Close reading explores 17th-century poet

She was inspired to write her article and hold the poetry reading after analyzing some of Traherne’s work. “Love,” particularly intrigued her — while she saw themes of homosexuality and gender fluidity in his piece, she was surprised to learn that her interpretation was not one that was shared by many others.

Visiting poet inspires audience

The Library auditorium was packed on Thursday, Oct. 19 with dozens of poets, listeners and supporters of INK’s Visiting Writers Series.

Passing students pick up impromptu poetry

On a warm afternoon by the side of the Education Building, professor Tabitha Dell’Angelo was creating poems with one push of a lever at a time.

Accomplished poet shares his famous works

Zang Di, an award-winning poet, visited Bliss Hall on Oct. 3, to share a rich collection of contemporary Chinese works.

Poetry slam a huge hit with audience

The walls of Bliss Hall’s lounge echoed with passionate performances and snapping applause as enthusiastic artists brought forward their poetry in an attempt to “Slam Down the Walls.”

Chinese poets recite powerful and spirited works

Swann, a Japanese Shakuhachi master performer, played the shakuhachi as both Guitian and Xiang recited their poems. The shakuhachi is a long Japanese wooded end-blown flute that resembles a large recorder, which produces airy, breathy notes.

Students ‘slam down the walls’ with poetry

First up was freshman English major Ine’a Smith, a newcomer to Slam Down The Walls. She performed her three pieces, captivating the audience with her lyrical rhymes and powerful voice as she discussed living in a home run by her single mother and not knowing her father.

INK celebrates Valentine’s Day with poetry and coffee

Usually a spot to study in-between classes, the Bliss Hall Lounge transformed into an intimate space for writers, readers and performers on Friday, Feb. 10, for INK’s annual open mic Valentine’s Day Coffeehouse.

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