Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Keep promotes ambition amongst students

Student Government held a presentation by Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs William Keep and debated on a resolution at its meeting on April 17.

SG votes on requirement for adjunct faculty office hours

Student Government voted on one organization and debated on two resolutions during its meeting on April 10.

SG meeting addresses mental health awareness

Student Government discussed multiple initiatives that the College is taking toward creating a community more supportive of mental health awareness at its meeting on March 6.

SG approves organizations, announces upcoming events

Student Government discussed policies and voted on two student organizations and an impeachment bill at its meeting on Feb. 27. SG began the meeting by welcoming Jennifer Palmgren, the assistant provost for academic affairs. Palmgren attended the meeting to discuss the College’s shared governance system.

SG resolution supports sexual assault survivors

Student Government approved a new club, introduced a new bill and debated on a resolution during its meeting on Feb. 13. SG began its weekly general body meeting by welcoming Sean Stallings, the interim vice president of student affairs. Stallings urged students to email him questions or concerns that they may have regarding the processes surrounding student affairs.

SG holds first meeting of semester

Student Government welcomed Interim Vice President for the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ivonne Cruz at the beginning of its meeting on Feb. 6.

SG approves Men’s Basketball

Student Government began its meeting on Nov. 28 by hosting men’s basketball, who persuaded the General Body on why its should be considered an official club at the College.

Foster addresses campus concerns

Student Government met with College President Kathryn Foster again, swore in new senators and freshman class council members and recognized a student organization during its general body meeting on Sept. 19.

SG discusses plans for Homecoming Spirit Week

Student Government met with College President Kathryn Foster and made several announcements regarding upcoming events in its general body meeting on Sept. 12.

SG addresses rumors about Sodexo employees

During its general body meeting held at the State House in Trenton, New Jersey, Student Government members heard from Patrice Mendes, the College’s Sodexo general manager, following concerns raised earlier this year over Sodexo’s alleged mistreatment of employees on April 18.

SG finds love for Love Your Melon

Student Government passed a resolution in support of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s signed legislation in support of family planning and voted to approve the Love Your Melon club during the SG general body meeting on, April 4.

SG approves three clubs for recognition

Student Government passed a new bill regarding its dress code, discussed several resolutions including one about gun control support and approved three new clubs during its meeting on March 28.

SG hears of improved mental health initiatives

Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Angela Chong visited Student Government on Feb. 28 to speak about the College’s resources and the Division of Student Affairs’ five-year strategic plan.

SG recognizes two new campus organizations

Student Government voted to officially recognize two student organizations, the Music Students Association and the Actuarial Sciences Club, and welcomed new senators during its meeting on Feb. 21.

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