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Fight song winner found; handbell choir approved

Student Government

The College gained a fight song and a handbell choir at last week’s Student Government meeting.

Last semester, SG held a contest inviting students to create a fight song for the College. During last week’s meeting, the general body reviewed the top two submissions and voted junior philosophy and political science double major Matt Janansky’s entry the winner.

Janansky wrote the music to the percussion-heavy, instrumental fight song, which he says was inspired by Florida State’s song. He created the track he submitted to SG using a MIDI sequencer, a computer program that plays back written music.

“I was trying to go for not necessarily modern, but something that the crowd could listen to and enjoy, not harking on tradition,” Janansky said. “And if they can dance to it, that always helps.”

SG members agreed. After listening to the top two fight songs, the first by junior civil engineering major Will Haduch and second by Janansky, several stood up to sound off on their favorites.

“I could see cheerleaders and dancers breaking down to the second one,” said senior mathemathics elementary education major Alli Clare, senior class president.

“I’m more likely to start cheering as loud as I can for the second one. It gives you that feeling of power,” said freshman economics major Christopher Tippett, freshman class vice president.

Others advocated for the first option, which contained lyrics.

“I could see myself coming back in five years and singing this,” said senior mathemathics secondary education major Kevin Hodulik, senior class vice president.

When it came time to vote, both options received support, but Janansky’s took the top prize by a slim margin.

“I don’t think students at (the College) will care about the lyrics. I’m just being honest,” Tippett said. “I think (Janansky’s) will get the crowd going more.”

The College’s new fight song will play at football games. Janansky will receive $100 from SG’s own fundraising account, as well as commendation from SG, honoring and congratulating Janansky for winning the contest.

SG also sanctioned the Martellados Handbell Choir during last week’s meeting. Freshmen music education majors Evan Wallach, Stephani Faljean, Rebecca Erdelyi and Kevin Whitman presented the club.

“The Martellados Handbell Choir is unlike any other club at (the College) in that there are not any other handbell choirs here,” said Wallach, the organization’s president.

According to Faljean, the club’s vice president, a handbell choir is a group of 15 to 20 people, each person equipped with several handbells that he or she rings on command.

Though a handful of music majors presented the club, its founders say the organization has universal appeal.

“We’re working on bridging the gaps between music majors and non-music majors,” Faljean said.

SG members reflected upon the handbell choir’s ability to grow.

“They’re very young and they’re enthusiastic,” senior psychology and women’s and gender studies double major and SG senator of equity and diversity, Lynette Barnes, said of the handbell choir’s founders, “I think we should pass them.”

The Martellados Handbell Choir received club status by a unanimous vote.

Emily Brill can be reached at brill3@tcnj.edu.



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