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Students glean insight into antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance was the topic of the biology department’s first Colloquium seminar this semester. Alita Miller, head of biology at Entasis Therapeutics, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca that focuses on the early stages of drug development, spoke to students and faculty about her research on Friday, Jan. 27, in room 101 of the Physics Building.

Non-profit aims to end sex trafficking in NJ

Members of the non-profit organization Love True visited the College on Wednesday, Jan. 25, to raise awareness of domestic sex trafficking.

WTSR New Noise: Air Traffic Controller & Thee Oh Cees

Catchy hooks over huge up lifting synth sounds with steady drums pumping out the rhythm are all over this album.

Lions shake their manes to The Maine

John O’Callaghan, lead singer of The Maine, said he would rather “poop his pants” than talk politics. Luckily for the audience, he talked about everything but. Even if he had, it wouldn’t have stopped him from dancing wildly across the stage and encouraging more than 500 students to let loose after a long winter break.

Latest WWE Royal Rumble doesn’t deliver

WWE put on one of it’s yearly mainstay pay-per-views on Sunday, Jan. 29, known as the Royal Rumble. In the 13th iteration of the event, WWE replaced what usually is a night of surprises and athletics with a demonstration of how deep its roster could be — key word being “could.” The rules of the match are simple — two men start in the ring and fight, and every two minutes, another contestant enters the match until all 30 are in the ring. Wrestlers are eliminated if they leave the ring over the top rope and both feet touch the ground. The simplicity of it is what makes it fun to watch.

Weary Lions prove they’re stronger pride

The Lions were busy at Packer Hall on Saturday, Jan. 28, and Sunday, Jan. 29, hosting the New England Wrestling Association /Metro meet on Saturday and defeating the Springfield College Pride on Sunday. The Lions went 2-1, defeating Williams College, 28-22, and Bridgewater State University, 22-21. The nationally seventh ranked Roger Williams college gave the Lions loss, defeating them, 26-9.

Lions go toe-to-toe with top competition

The women’s and men’s track team had several strong performances on Friday, Jan. 27, and Saturday, Jan. 28, at Lehigh University’s John Covert Classic and Villanova Open, respectively. On the men’s side, the Lions youth took the spotlight. Freshman Jake Dinnerman finished third place in the mile run with a time of 4:28.12. Dinnerman’s performance secured him the fastest mile time of the season thus far for the Lions. In freshman Cole Parsons’s first mile of the season, he crossed the line in 4:38.49.

Speedy swimmers frighten Ducks out of pool

At home, the men’s and women’s swimming teams dashed past the Stevens Institute of Technology Ducks on Friday night. The men’s swimming team captured its first meet victory since its home invitational on Dec. 4. The Lions dominated throughout the meet, beating the Ducks 172-89.

Fierce Lions crusade contentious Gothic Knights

The Lions extended their winning streak to seven games this week, defeating Stockton University, 77-71 on Wednesday, Jan. 25, and New Jersey City University, 75-69 on Saturday, Jan. 28. Being at home, the Lions won two conference matches to propel themselves into second place in the New Jersey Athletic Conference.

‘Before I Fall’ tells uniquely grim tale

This riveting novel made me invested in what the characters were doing, as I tried to figure out what truly was underneath Sam’s death. It kept me alert and vigilant at all times, and I did not want to put it down.

Students share opinions around campus

"Is it important to teach social justice in school?" “Yes, so that way we are better equipped to deal with situations in the future.” “I think...

We need social justice in the classroom

The recent stories exhibiting racist, sexist and violent acts in educational institutions sound like excerpts from a history book. It appears that the country is regressing to a time where othering those who are different than you is acceptable.

Planned Parenthood needs our support

Teenagers make fun of sexual education until their choices sink in and become a reality.

Animated musical animals compete in ‘Sing’

It’s full of humorous twists and heartwarming backstories. Every character is written so beautifully that, as a viewer, you want every animal to win the competition.
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