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Music majors perform recital in Mayo

By Kayla Rivas

Unbelievable musical talent seized Mayo Concert Hall on Tuesday Oct. 24, when four students showcased their skills at the department of music’s Afternoon Recital Series.

The first performer, Alexandria Medawar, a senior music education major, left the audience stunned. Medawar’s impressive voice enveloped the room in Debussy’s “Chevaux de bois.” Medawar took deep breaths and unleashed her contribution to the recital from her core. This performance set the bar high for the following acts.

Next, Kaitlyn Anderson, a senior music education major, effortlessly delivered Telemann’s “Sonata in F minor” on bassoon. Anderson’s instrument playfully mirrored notes made by accompanying pianist, Kathy Shanklin. The deep sounds of Anderson’s bassoon complemented Shanklin’s higher, cheerful piano notes. The act ultimately shifted toward a slower, melodramatic tone.

Anderson’s performance showcases her talent and skill on the bassoon. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

Then, Maddie Kaba, a junior music education major, proudly introduced her trumpet with bold, exclamatory notes in Barat’s “Andante et scherzo.” Kaba quickly made a smooth transition into softer notes alongside Shanklin.

This was Kaba’s third recital, however, she was still nervous to perform.

“I thought I did really well considering I start shaking before I play,” Kaba said.

Kaba also enjoyed listening to the performances of her peers.

     “It sounded really nice,” Kaba said. “I think they’re all doing a good job. Meanwhile, audience member Jennifer Shipon grinned when asked about the day’s performances.

    “Should I pick a favorite?” Shipon said. “I think I liked the trumpet piece the best because the notes kind of soared.”

   The final performer was Christopher McEwan, a junior music education major. He closed the recital with violin performance of Bach’s “Partita No. 3 in E Major, BWV 1006.” His performance began with sharp, high-pitched notes and gradually shifted to more drawn out, deeper sounds. McEwan captivated the audience’s attention throughout, as heads were bobbing in accordance with his music. The high-pitched notes sounded like they escaped from the violin and soared straight up to the concert hall’s ceiling.

    Marisa Blackman, a junior music education major and friend of McEwan, thoroughly enjoyed watching McEwan and her other peers perform.

    “I was glad I got see my colleagues show off their performance and their work so far this semester,” Blackman said.

        Following the close of the recital, each performer was greeted with applause and praise. As students piled out of Mayo Concert Hall, both performers and audience members alike appreciated the talented performances from their peers.


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