September 23, 2020

CUB bids for Cartel and Cobra Starship

The Student Finance Board  (SFB) approved a request by the College Union Board (CUB) to bid $25,000 for Cobra Starship and $22,500 for Cartel for a concert at the College later this semester.

 In addition to CUB’s request, SFB approved two PRISM events. (Tim Lee / Photo Editor)
In addition to CUB’s request, SFB approved two PRISM events. (Tim Lee / Photo Editor)

SFB allocated a total of $54,433.45 for the possible concert. Besides the artists themselves, other expenses of the event would be security and insurance.

Alternate bands or artists have not been announced. The concert is set for early December, with Friday, Dec. 4 as the requested date. Other possible dates include Dec. 1-3.

SFB also granted $1500 to PRISM for transportation of a group of College students to the National Equality March in Washington, D.C.
The march will be this Sunday, Oct. 11 and the $1,500 will go toward a coach bus and required parking permits. The trip is co-sponsored by the College’s International Socialist Organization.

PRISM also was allocated $366.25 by SFB for a lecture called “The bible and homosexuality” as part of their Queer Awareness Month Lecture Series.

The lecture will analyze the bible’s references to homosexuality and will be hosted by Rev. Michelle Stecker.

SFBThe event will take place from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 16 in the library auditorium.

Only one event was denied funding, CUB’s request to bring Morgan Spurlock, the famed star and creator of “Super Size Me” and the reality television series, “30 Days,” to the College.

The request to bring Spurlock in early November to talk about his projects was for $17,238.40.

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