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Art honor society welcomed, Windows 7 upgrade coming

Hyuna Yong spoke of possible lectures, not just art related, that Kappa Pi Art Honor Society is planning. (Tom O’Dell / Photo Editor)

The Student Government Association welcomed the Kappa Pi Art Honor Society and TCNJ Steel Lions Fencing to the College’s roster of student organizations during last week’s general body meeting. It also discussed the College’s forthcoming upgrade to Windows 7 computer operating systems.

Four students presented on behalf of Kappa Pi.

“We’re affiliated nationally with the organization. We currently have 15 inducted honorary members,” said Gabrielle Peterson, Kappa Pi president and senior art history major. “We would be the only honor society in the art department.”

Students must have at least a 3.8 GPA to become an official member. Students who don’t meet this requirement can still become associate members and participate in all of Kappa Pi’s activities, according to Peterson.

“Within our campus community, we have helped out with the art open house, and on a community basis, we’ve been commissioned by (a local) school to do an enormous mural,” junior art history major Caroline Eckhardt said.

The club plans to hold art workshops, host museum trips and invite speakers, according to junior art history major Hyuna Yong.

“We’d bring speakers not only relevant to the art department. For example, a speaker on art crime where the departments of criminology or history would be involved,” Yong said.

“It’s to bring a higher awareness to art on campus while showcasing its value on a college campus,” said junior art education major Matt Pembleton of the organization. “Kappa Pi will provide a means


whereby students with an artistic commitment can meet for informal study and communication.”

Vice president for legal and governmental affairs and senior political science major Brian Block praised the club’s organization and competence. Kappa Pi earned club status by a unanimous vote.

Junior elementary education and music double major Andrew Zlotnick presented on behalf of TCNJ Steel Lions Fencing.

“It’s a way for people who have fenced before to hone their skills, improve upon what they already know, and give them the chance to help students (who are just starting),” Zlotnick said.

Zlotnick, who has fenced for 10 years, called fencing an “individual and mental sport” he considers “a way to let go … and have a lot of fun meeting new people.”

The club currently has 40 members.

“I’ve been fencing for four years. I stopped by one of their practices … They’re pretty legit,” said freshman biology major Matthew Grapstul. “They organize their meetings as a practice. They teach everybody who doesn’t know how to play.”

Grapstul added that passing the club would spread awareness of the sport on campus.

The club passed by a majority vote.

Junior biology major Stephen Kornas informed the SGA general body of upcoming changes to the College computers’ operating systems.

“Over this next summer, look for the computers in the labs to be rolling out the newest version of the Windows operating system. Windows 7 will be replacing Windows XP,” Kornas said.

He also mentioned the College may switch its e-mail server from Zimbra to Gmail, but no contract has been signed as of now.

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