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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Four beers, rolling a ‘J’

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, at 2:50 a.m., Campus Police were dispatched on the report of a student experiencing chest pains after inhaling marijuana. According...

Regina Holliday paints for advocacy: Classroom appearance

At first glance, everything about Regina Holliday screams ordinary. She’s a woman of small stature with short brown hair and a kind face. But her bright red jacket with an “A” emblazoned on the back indicates otherwise.

‘House of Cards’ season 2 available

• Facebook Inc. announced last week that it will pay $19 billion for a startup messaging company, WhatsApp.  The deal will be the largest...

Regina Holliday paints for advocacy : Campus speech

Advocating on the importance of having easy access to medical records and positive doctor-patient relationships, Regina Holliday recounted her difficult hospital experience when her husband Fred suffered from kidney cancer. addressing campus issues

A demonstration for — a forum to post issues at the College — was presented to the Student Government general body during their meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Students stitch ties with Serengetee

In the spirit of charity, seven students at the College have been selected as representatives for clothing company Serengetee, which donates to non-profit organizations around the world.

Miss America 2008 fights a battle with thin

Kirsten Haglund, winner of the Miss America 2008 pageant, brings to light her past struggles with eating disorders and how society can address its mental epidemic.

Cornel West: directions for activism

One of the premiere public intellectuals of his time, Cornel West discusses 50 years of civil rights activism and its lessons that echo on.

Obama disappointed in Uganda’s new anti-gay law

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, seeks out advice from the United States regarding their newly proposed anti-homosexuality law. Initially, Museveni did not support...

‘Alice in Wonderland’ spring latenighter

SFB prepares for Funival and CUB's upcoming Rat Festival.

Generation Y and the infinite sadness

On the heels of the Baby Boomers, Generation Y has seen their expectations and aspirations slip through the cracks in a depressingly turnover culture.

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ a howling success

“The Wolf of Wall Street” includes literal hills of cocaine and harems of women to properly depict this real-life tale, tells the story of Jordan Belfort, the notorious conman from the ’80s who made millions off of selling crummy stocks to investors.

‘An Evening of Shorts’ not short of talent

On Saturday, Feb. 22, All College Theatre performed two showings of “An Evening of Shorts,” which consisted of four short plays that were performed by individual casts.

Music recital embraces student achievement

A group of extraordinary student musicians showcased their abilities on Wednesday, Feb. 19, at Mayo Concert Hall for the Embracing Student Achievement recital series.
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