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Listen up all you freshmen!

All freshman should strive to be as awesome as this student hurling a boulder.  (Tom O'Dell / Photo Assistant)
All freshman should strive to be as awesome as this student hurling a boulder. (Tom O'Dell / Photo Assistant)

Although we at The Signal often focus on the achievements of upper classmen, this particular editorial is geared toward all of you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshmen strolling around campus. Here is a bit of advice for the newcomers to help you enjoy your years at the College.

First off, make some God-damned friends. Welcome week is designed specifically for you all to meet your peers and have a good time, so hopefully you connected with your floormates or others around campus. If not, there is still plenty of time to make friendships that may last a lifetime.

The next step is getting involved. The College is full of clubs, groups and intramural sports teams so pick something you are interested in, or already love, and meet up with others who share your interests. Not sure what you want to do? Check out the Activities Fair today from noon to 3 p.m. outside of the Brower Student Center.

Either way, be who you want to be. College is a clean slate. No one knows or cares who you were in high school. If you want to be an artsy person, go paint. If you love sports, join a team and go play. If no group tickles your fancy, start your own!

Also, make that extra effort to stay on campus and hang out on weekends. Of course, there’s no place like home, but there is nothing like waking up on a Saturday with nothing to do, hanging out with friends, watching movies all day and just shooting the breeze. You will be surprised how many conversations you remember about absolutely nothing.

Most importantly, do your work and manage your time. College is all time management, so make a schedule, and avoid all-nighters at all costs, they suck.
Finally, keep an open mind as you attend your classes and walk around campus. You may not like every class you take or everyone you person you meet, but try to put yourself in their shoes and you just might learn something. Bottom line: get out of your comfort zone, it will be worth it in the end when you are a well-rounded, accepting individual.

You have probably heard most of these things from your Community Advisor or Ambassador or at some seminar you were forced to attend, but when you are sitting alone in your room with a pile of work, just remember, The Signal told you so.


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