September 22, 2020


I’ll DL all I want!

In the article “Here’s the DL . don’t DL” from the March 1 issue of The Signal, I read about how students can be punished for illegally downloading music on campus.

When asked how to prevent this, Student Life came up with the petty attempt to use pop-up screensavers and announcements. As much as the anti-drinking campaign helps prevent college drinking, these methods won’t deter anyone from downloading.

Downloading is here to stay. It’s convenient and it can be legal. With all the money students are charged for activity and computer access fees, why can’t the campus invest in a file-sharing program that everyone on campus could use? Napster has unlimited downloading for a low price, and a number of state and private schools already subscribe to similar services. This is a perfect compromise between student and administration. Everyone wins in this deal.

I say stop illegal downloading, but give us an alternative.

Brian Gross

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