September 23, 2020

Local businesses miss students over break

February 4, 2009 David Karas 0

On any given day, it is common to witness students making the pilgrimage down Pennington Road to local convenience stores, coffee shops and restaurants. It has practically become an unspoken tradition for customers and businesses alike.

Needless to say, many local businesses take notice when the College is on break and eagerly await the return of their “College regulars. […]

Franz Ferdinand’s sleaze is a winner

Franz Ferdinand “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” 4 stars out of 5 It has been quite some time since Glasgow’s favorite disco-punks have released a record (October 2005, to be exact), and Franz Ferdinand was clearly growing restless with their blueprint. But rather than start over again, Alex Kapranos and company merely updated the formula, maintaining the style and sleaze that had made tracks like “Take Me Out” so appealing in the past. […]

Kings of Leon takes Garden by storm

February 4, 2009 Joseph Hannan 0

Jan. 29 was truly a night for fans. Kings of Leon played to a packed Madison Square Garden that teemed and swayed with the pulsating energy of their sound. It was the band’s first show at the Garden and an early foray into arena rock. They took to it with gusto and swagger, delivering what will probably go down as one of the most memorable of the band’s career. […]

Steinberg decodes Dante in first close reading

February 4, 2009 Rebecca Suzan 0

Finding the right path to follow in life is not a simple feat to accomplish, especially if the directions are in Italian.

Last Friday, Glenn Steinberg, professor of English, guided listeners through Canto 30 of “Purgatorio,” the second section of Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s epic masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy,” during the English Department’s first Close Reading lecture of the the new year. […]

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