September 23, 2020

German Club unanimously denied

The Student Finance Board (SFB) heard three special appropriations requests at its Nov. 15 meeting. In an unusual week of voting, SFB denied funding for one request, fully funded another and passed a request with a 13-1 vote.

The most controversial vote this week dealt with the German Club’s request for $420 for tickets to see Mozart’s “Magic Flute” at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. The German Club has taken similar trips, including an October trip to see “The Dead City” and Beethoven’s “Fideleo.”

In a unanimous vote, SFB zero-funded the German Club’s request.

Tickets are $42 each and the German Club asked SFB to allocate $20 per ticket. The German Club was anticipating buying 21 tickets – 18 for students and three for advisors. The German Club did not ask for funds for transportation because its members were willing to pay for it.

A problem with the request was that SFB has a policy stating that advisors are not to be compensated for conference costs. Another issue was the German Club’s lack of proposed advertising. The tickets need to be ordered soon, so the German Club has a targeted group of ticket buyers that would prevent most students on campus from attending.

The lack of exposure about the trip “goes against what SFB does with SAF money,” Steve Oliveira, SFB financial director, said.

Unbound, the College’s online magazine, requested $66 to bring three respected journalists who have found their niche online to form a discussion panel about online magazines and publishing. The funds will cover the cost of three round-trip train tickets for the panel guests, who will otherwise be participating in the discussion at no cost or honorarium. SFB approved the special appropriations request in a unanimous vote for full funding.

The confirmed panel members are: Ray Hennessey, an alumna of the College and the editor of; Jillian St. Charles, online editor of Redbook magazine’s Web site; Lynne D. Johnson, senior editor of Johnson has also worked for VIBE and SPIN magazines.

Unbound and Ed@TCNJ, a group aimed at helping students reach their goals of getting into the magazine industry, will hold the event in Forcina Hall on Dec. 4.

The French Club requested $556 to have a French Club soir?e on Dec. 5. Expenses will fund French food, prizes for winning French games, beverages, decorations and other party necessities. In a 13-1 vote, SFB fully funded the French Club’s request.

The soir?e’s purpose is to “celebrate French culture and expose the College students to it,” Monica Fajardo, French Club president and senior mathematics major, said. The French Club estimates that 50 guests will attend, since last year’s event attracted about the same number of people.

In an informal request, All College Theatre (ACT) and TCNJ Musical Theater (TMT) requested a phone for their shared cubicle in Brower Student Center. ACT and TMT asked for the phone so people from off campus can purchase tickets for events ahead of time. The two groups previously used the phone in the box office, but budget cuts closed the box office. SFB agreed to fund the cost of the phone, which will be $12 per month, and SFB will also give the two groups $30 to share for long distance calls.

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