September 27, 2020

SFB funds AAA exhibition of Asian culture

The Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously allocated full funding, $8,000, to the Asian American Association (AAA) for Mystique at its meeting on Wednesday, draining the multi-cultural fund.

This year Mystique’s theme is “Once upon a Time in Asia: The lands, the myths, the legends.” It will be “a night of cultural performances from different Asian countries,” according to Jordan Lee, treasurer of AAA.

A mix of modern and traditional Asian performances such as skits, singing, martial arts and dances from countries like Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines and India will both entertain and educate. Some performances this year include a fashion show, Chinese yo-yo and Taiko drumming.

“It is anticipated among the student body and each year sees a large audience of students, faculty, family and friends from all different cultures,” AAA representatives said.

Mystique will be held in Kendall Hall on March 31.

SFB allocated $1,176 to Ink for its biannual event, The Goods, billed as “an all-day festival to showcase student-made art, poetry and music.”

This year’s headliner will be author and playwright Joe Meno. Meno is a widely acclaimed young, edgy writer who works as a contributing editor to Punk Planet magazine and as a professor at Columbia College in Chicago. He is also the author of four novels and a collection of short stories.

The board was apprehensive about paying so much for only one speaker; however, once Ink representatives explained that he would be taking up as much time as three poets the event was allocated full funding unanimously.

The Goods will be held on April 28 in the Rathskeller, which will stay open later than usual for this event.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) requested $350 for recruitment and informational materials.

“We’re taking initiative and can cover a number of issues” that other groups haven’t covered, Kaitlin Boyle, NOW president, said.

NOW has played a large part in many women’s rights and awareness programs on campus including “Love your Body Week,” “Sex Week” and the “Men Can Stop Rape” group.

“I found them to be a very dedicated organization,” Dan Beckelman, Student Government Association (SGA) representative, said.

However, there was still some conflict in the necessity of this funding. “What I worry about is we have so many women’s organizations on campus,” Sean Marotta, representative at-Large, said.

The board agreed that NOW and the many other women’s groups should try to work together to cut back funding that essentially goes toward similar programs and gave the organization zero funding with a vote of 6-5.

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Alliance requested $230 for publicity and recruitment funding. According to its mission statement, EOF provides financial aid to those who come from backgrounds of “historical poverty” and wish to attend the College.

“The purpose of the TCNJ EOF Alliance is to promote unity among the EOF student body, build networks with youth and enlighten them about the benefits of the EOF program, promote leadership development and be a supportive body for the needs of EOF students as well as all campus students,” EOF representatives said.

Only recognized by SGA for two weeks, the organization has not yet been very active. The representatives explained they were going to plan a number of things like workshops, speeches and campus activities to bring awareness to their organization and cause.

Still, SFB members decided not to fund the Alliance with a vote of 11-0.

Habitat for Humanity requested $31.18 to supply water and Gatorade at its upcoming sand volleyball game on April 18, consisting of about eight teams of four or five people.

Habitat representative Inga Hye explained informational papers on homelessness would be handed out at the game.

SFB unanimously decided not to fund Habitat’s refreshment request on the idea it could easily get water and Gatorade cheaper or for free from the Student Recreation Center.

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