October 19, 2020

Playoffs at last for Phils

As I sit here in my Jimmy Rollins t-shirt pondering what the postseason has in store for my Phillies, I can only say that at this point it doesn’t matter.

1993. That’s all I have to say to explain why Sunday was one of the most exciting moments I’ve witnessed as a sports fan. 1993. 14 years have passed without the Phillies being eligible to enter the playoffs. In recent years, they have made late runs, getting fans’ hopes up only to choke in the final days of the season.

After watching Brett Myers throw that final pitch at Citizens Bank Park, and seeing Pat Burrell run out of the Phillies’ dugout to practically tackle Myers, running faster than he has ever run in his career, I realized just how significant all of it was as my eyes watered with the thrill of the victory and the realization that the monkey is finally off our backs.

So what if they have lost 10,000 games in their history? So what if Ed Wade plagued the team for years? So what if they decided to bring Jos? Mesa back? None of it matters because the Phillies have finally done what we Phillies fans thought was impossible, the simple act of making the playoffs. Not only did they get in, but they actually won a division, edging out the Mets in the final day of the season.

I would apologize to the Mets fans for what they have suffered in the past two weeks, but all I can say is 1993. We’ve been suffering those same feelings year after year in our red pinstripes and we can finally be satisfied with the season the Phils have played.

Not only can we be satisfied, but we can be damn proud. Rollins played an MVP-worthy season and got his team to the playoffs. Heck, we actually have a working bullpen and a decent starting rotation!

This win is so monumental for Philadelphia sports fans; I don’t even care that McNabb just got sacked 12 times by the Giants!

All that matters now is the Phillies actually have the potential to ride this out far into October. At some point, perhaps in January when the Eagles don’t make the postseason, I’ll stop smiling about this win. But for now, I’ve got goosebumps for the fightin’ Phils and the fact that 1993 doesn’t seem so far away anymore.

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