September 20, 2020

Fare thee well, College

After four years of pouring my energy into the College, The Signal and other organizations, I still find myself unsatisfied with my collegiate experience. Like there is some kind of unfinished business I haven?t taken care of.

The thing is, everything is taken care of. I?ve done everything I can to enjoy my final year on campus. It?s the fact that I?m not ready to leave that makes me feel like I?ve missed something.

Like most of the seniors in my class, I?m not ready to graduate. I?m not ready to go out on my own with my journalism degree and my starting salary of 12 grand a year.

Once the hangovers of Senior Week have passed and the caps have flown only to fall onto the unearthed football field, being without school will take a lot of getting used to.

Until that point I intend on soaking up every bit of senior year I still can, as I hope my classmates will too.

Thinking back, there?s so many memories about the College I will hold dear. Like for instance that one time they decided to go under construction. I?m sure they?ll be done those apartments by my 15-year reunion.

I have to hand it to them about one addition to the College. Those revolving doors will save so much money. You know … they?re the ones that open to automatic sliding doors. Awesome.

At least Senior Week wasn?t canceled this year. I?m pretty proud of our class council for making it happen. But in all honesty, if Henry Winkler doesn?t visit the Rat and make the jukebox play with a simple pound of his fist, I may have to leave.

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