September 21, 2020

Campus Style

Shauwneric Sinclair (Kristen Kubilus / Staff Writer)
Shauwneric Sinclair (Kristen Kubilus / Staff Writer)

Shauwneric Sinclair
Senior History and Criminology Major

What are you wearing?
A pink Polo shirt, linen shorts and Sperry shoes. You’ll always see me with Sperrys on. Some people have a fetish for sneakers, I have a fetish for Sperrys.

Why do you like Sperrys so much?
They’re very comfortable shoes. They’re just my shoe of choice. I love sneakers, but everybody wears sneakers. I wanted to change my style up a little bit.

What do your bracelets say?
Knowledge is power.

Do you always carry a briefcase?

Why not a backpack?
To be honest, I just wanted to be different. The briefcase isn’t for fashion, but everyone carries a backpack.

Why do you want to look different all the time?
I want to have my own sense of character. Why fit in, when I can stand out?

What kinds of clothes are you attracted to?
I’m drawn to bright colors and the way a shirt feels on my body. I’m a linen and cotton guy. You’ll never see me in jeans. I haven’t worn jeans in over two years.

Whose style do you like?
I love Andre 3000’s style. He’s different, and a little bit over the top sometimes. People say I remind them of him. Sometimes I get Farnsworth Bentley and Will Smith.

What else do people say about your style?
Sometimes they’ll make fun of the way I dress. I dress flamboyantly. I don’t care what anyone says about me having short shorts on. It’s unconventional. If people say my style is weird, I’ll call theirs cliché.

What if that’s what makes them feel comfortable?
That’s different. If you feel comfortable in it, just wear it. We spend too much time worrying about what everybody else is worrying about. Even if you want to be butt naked, do what makes you comfortable.

Do you see yourself going into fashion once you graduate?
I want to become a lawyer, history professor, or songwriter. But I eventually want to have my own bow tie company. I’m trying to learn how to sew right now.

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