September 25, 2020

Campus Style: Shaun Quigley

Shaun Quigley
Senior English major

(Kriusten Kubilus/Staff Writer)

What are you wearing?

Sunglasses by American Optical, jacket by Zara, bandana by The Hill-Side, shirt by the Gap, jeans by Atelier de Production et de Création, and the boots are by Red Wing.

Where do you like to shop?

I like to shop at lots of different places. I shop at a lot of small boutique shops online or in New York or Philadelphia, but I also like thrift stores, army/navy surplus stores and a couple of the standard mall shops like J.Crew and the Gap.

What’s the first thing you look for when selecting an item of clothing?

The first thing that I look for when choosing an item is craftsmanship and build quality. I would rather invest in an item that will stand the test of time, physically and aesthetically, than buy a cheaper piece that is trendy and will fall apart after its first wash. Fit is also extremely important, which can be hard on a college budget. It’s pretty difficult to find an item that fits perfectly and doesn’t cost a fortune, so it often takes a lot of trial and error to pick out the right piece. Form and function are equally important. I’m very attracted to a piece if I know that it will look better in 10 years than it did the day I bought it.

How has your style changed over the years?

In years past, I often bought items that were just fads. I was really bad at putting outfits together. I shopped at the mall too much and wore pieces together that did not mesh at all and probably fit really poorly. Luckily, one day I realized that baggy jeans and shirts that are three sizes too large aren’t flattering.

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