September 24, 2020

Jets, Giants and Eagles prepare for 2010 draft

Former Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain (left) may interest the Giants. (AP Photo)

While most people are focused on Tim Tebow’s new delivery and who will be the top pick in the NFL draft, fans in New Jersey are more curious about what the draft boards of three teams will look like.

A majority of the football fans in the Garden State cheer for either the New York Giants, the New York Jets or the Philadelphia Eagles, so come draft day, Tebow will be an afterthought to what direction these teams ultimately decide to go in round one.

So, for all those who have an interest in these three teams, here are some possible selections for the 2010 draft.

Let’s start with the G-Men who have the No. 15 overall pick in the draft.

Antonio Pierce is gone and the Giants’ once dominating defensive line has seemed to have vanished. So, when pick 15 rolls around the most likely area to be addressed will either be the defensive end or the middle linebacker position.

If the Giants decide to go for a defensive end one option seems to stick out — Derrick Morgan.

The 6’4”, 275 pound defensive end is not only stout against the run, he also registered 12 sacks coming off the edge for Georgia Tech in

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Morgan would certainly help bring the Giants’ dominant defensive line back, but middle linebacker may be a more pressing issue for the 2010 season.

Enter Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain. McClain has been acknowledged as one of the smartest players coming out in this year’s draft and he also has impressive size to pair with his mind.

McClain’s 6’4”, 258 pound frame allows him not only to talk the talk, but also walk the walk. His presence in the middle of the Giants’ defense could make fans forget all about Pierce.

Next on the clock is the Philadelphia Eagles who have the No. 24 overall pick.

The Eagles, like the Giants, could use a dominating presence off the edge to pair with defensive end Trent Cole.

Former Florida defensive end Carlos Dunlap has some character issues, but he would be a prime candidate for the Eagles to select. When Dunlap goes all out he is a game-changer, but some scouts think he takes too many plays off.

Another area of need for the Eagles could be the offensive line. Center Jamaal Jackson missed part of the 2009 season with an ACL injury and the Eagles just released guard Shawn Andrews.

If Andy Reid doesn’t favor Dunlap, then he could go after another former Gator, guard/center Maurkice Pouncey. Reid loves big offensive lineman and Pouncey — 6’5”, 304 pounds — is one of the biggest and most talented interior linemen in this draft.

The last of the three teams on the clock is the New York Jets at pick No. 29.

The Jets brought in new faces to shore up the running back and cornerback positions, but they still could use some playmakers at safety and wide receiver.

The most intriguing option at safety is former USC Trojan Taylor Mays. He is the biggest hitter in this draft and at 6’3”, 235 pounds he seems to be a force that fits Rex Ryan’s style.

Unfortunately, Mays aggressive style could lead to some big plays for NFL receivers. This may lead the Jets to be more inclined to pick wide receiver Golden Tate.

Tate is small, but he ran a 4.36 in the 40-yard dash and he can also run plays out of the Wildcat. Tate’s big play ability may just be too much for the Jets to pass up.

A lot can change from now to April 22, but it’s never too early to form an

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