September 18, 2020

SGA welcomes two new clubs

SGA voted in two clubs and welcomed the freshmen class council. (Brittany Oldewurtel / Staff Photographer)

By Feridina Bisha

The Student Government Association (SGA) officially welcomed the Russian Club and the BlackOut Step Team to the College.

Both clubs were approved by a unanimous vote.

The BlackOut Step Team is a new cultural dance organization on campus.

Chlesha Rhodes, senior English major, explained the team’s values.

“We want to bring a variety of cultures. Dancing is moving to music – stepping is making music. It will be fresh. It will be new to the campus,” Rhodes said.

The team’s technique is derived from traditional African dancing, Rhodes said, although there are aspects of stepping in traditional Russian and Indian dancing.

In addition, Rhodes explained the team’s role in community service, focusing on children.

Anyone interested in the club doesn’t need to know how to step in order to participate in the growing organization, Rhodes explained.

“The step team first started with 10 members,” Rhodes said. “This year we went from 10 to 20 members.”


The Russian Club also opens its doors to all who are interested.

“Whether you are a Russian native or have recently discovered an interest in the Russian culture, we invite you to join the Russian Club,” according to the organization’s Facebook page.

Also announced at Wednesday’s meeting was the Equity and Diversity mission, explained by Lynette Barnes, vice president of Equity and Diversity for SGA.

“‘The idea is a link of student organizations, both religious and cultural clubs, celebrating diversity and different nationalities. We talk about equity and diversity around issues associated with social justice,” Barnes said.

She encouraged those present to celebrate diversity, even if it meant dedicating their Facebook status to a social issue.

At the close of the meeting, SGA welcomed the newly sworn-in freshman class council. The class president, Matthew Grapstul, freshman biology major, spoke on behalf of his fellow freshman SGA members, extending his gratitude.

“I look forward to this year,” Grapstul said.

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