September 25, 2020

Campus Style – Fall Trends

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For women:

Jeggings, (denim in a super lightweight, stretch material), are everywhere this season—from the runways to your very own college campus. They are just as flattering and body-skimming as a pair of your regular black spandex leggings, yet you can actually treat them as you would an actual pair of pants, i.e., no need to fret about wearing a shirt long enough to cover your butt. The Gap carries affordable, great quality jeggings in a wide range of sizes and inseams.

Blazers were big this summer, and they are going to be just as big this fall. Why? The classic blazer will never go out of style. You can wear one with almost anything– dress it up over a dress, or dress it down with jeans. J.Crew’s velvet blazers will add instant richness, drama and romance to your wardrobe.

The Nordic look went rampant on almost all high-end designers’ runways for fall 2010, and now, lucky for us, everyone from L.L. Bean to Forever21 is knocking it off. If you’re worried about looking too much like an Eskimo, Nina Garcia, Fashion Director at Marie Claire, recommends test-driving the Nordic trend with a scarf or knit cap topped with pom-poms or yarn tassels.

For men:

Camel is a huge color for both men and women this fall. While the sophisticated shade used to be reserved for overcoats (because it was actually made from camel hair), this season, you will notice it popping up everywhere—on peacoats, shirts, and even suits. Another plus for this color is that it is rich and hearty enough to carry into your winter wardrobe.

Combat boots are hot. They may seem a bit daunting to the less fashion-conscious, but there is more to these military-inspired lace-ups than a high trend factor: they are durable, masculine, and for the most part, very economical. The Frye Company, though a bit on the pricier side, makes amazing boots that should last you a lifetime—and look better with wear.
Tweed is making a comeback this season.  The textured fabric is stylish and versatile, and will add a sense of depth to whatever you happen to be wearing. It is hard to go wrong with tweed, whether on a vest, sports coat or even trousers.  If you’re feeling extra bold, shoot for a tweed jacket with elbow patches – no one will be able to touch your style.

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