October 19, 2020

Campus Style

By Kristen Kubilus

Photo courtesy of Carly Koziol

Sarah Scholz, junior journalism and women’s and gender studies double major

Hillary Scholz, freshman mathematics major

What are you wearing?

Hillary: My boots and sweater are from Target, the corset top is from Urban Outfitters and all my jewelry is from the Apple Festival. It’s a local festival that takes place during the fall in Medford, N.J. ?They have all kinds of weird, crazy jewelry. ? My jeans are from American Eagle (and Sarah studded them).

Sarah: I got a stud gun over winter break and kind of went crazy. ? I’m wearing my ripped stockings that I always wear. ?I was actually going to wear the only pair that didn’t have holes in them the other day, but as I was putting them on, I ripped them. ?These socks are from Urban Outfitters and so are my shorts. ?My shirt is Waffles and Falafels (you should check them out on Facebook), my boots are from Target, and this is an Aerie sweater. ?My earrings are from one of those five-dollar jewelry people in the (Brower Student Center).

Do you shop together?

Sarah: Yeah, and we share all of our clothes mostly. She’ll come over my room and steal my clothes. ?I live in New Res, and she’s in Wolfe, so it’s not as annoying anymore.

Hillary: I have to try and wear something as many times as I can before she takes it back.

When did you both first become interested in fashion?

Hillary: Sarah used to dress me for pre-school. ?She’d have me wearing the most ridiculous outfits.

Sarah: I used to think floral tops should match floral pants.

Hillary: Yeah, if they’re both striped, they match (laughs).

You both are vegan. ?Does that have an effect over your clothing options?

Sarah: I try not to wear leather. ?I don’t throw out my old leather, but I won’t buy new stuff.

Hillary: It’s really hard to find things like non-leather boots, unless they’re cheaper. ?You have to go to Target.

That bracelet gets passed around between the two of you?

Hillary: We each have a bunch. ?I love little kids’ crafts; I make the bracelets myself.

Sarah: All of our friends have them. Our ex-boyfriends and our ex-boyfriends’ fathers, are still holding on to them. ?People we like get bracelets.

How would you label each other’s styles?

Sarah: People always call us “cutesy.” ?In high school, it was always a joke of what kind of “cutesy” we were that day. ?Punk-cutesy, urban-cutesy. ?I think Hillary puts together outfits better; I kind of just throw things together.

Hillary: She’s a bit more punk, but she really just likes to wear whatever she wants.

Sarah, when did you get your dreadlocks?

I got them the summer after my freshman year of college. ?They’re so much more convenient. ?It’s funny because every day, my hair is a topic of conversation. ?People I know or people I don’t know at all will want to come up to me and touch my head.

Are you girls looking forward to wearing anything for spring?

Hillary: Skirts definitely. ?And crop tops.

Sarah: I love crop tops. ?Most of my pants are high-waisted, but I’d wear crop tops with low-waisted pants as well.

Do you have any style icons?

Hillary: I love Betsey Johnson.Both of my prom dresses were Betsey Johnson, and I’m convinced that my wedding dress, and all of my bridesmaids’ dresses, will also be.

Sarah: I really like Hayley Williams from Paramore. I love what she wears, even if it’s a little too much.

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